bohemian fabrics and style

Keeping a boho-theme interior with bohemian fabrics and style

What is bohemian style? 

This interior styling is inspired by the Bohemians, a group of people who lived unconventional, often artistic lives and were originally travelers or refugees from Central Europe. 

The style has a distinct look, but it will be different and unique to the personality of the person putting the room together. There are no strict color or furniture standards, but there are several similar threads that help to identify this design.

What does a bohemian-style interior look like?

Rich textures, a luxurious color palette, and an abundance of soft furnishings combine to make this design so recognizable when you look for fabrics from your wholesale fabric supplier. Canopies and swaths of flowing cloth lend drama to seating spaces or surrounding beds. The walls are generally multi-toned and painted in brilliant colors. 

Fabric designs from your wholesale fabric supplier are frequently geometric or big patterns on a variety of brilliant jewel-colored backgrounds. Furniture is lavishly upholstered in heavy tactile materials such as faux fur and velvets, with plenty of scatter and floor cushions. Plants are employed to provide interest to the concept and to contrast the patterns found in the textiles and accent rugs.

Which materials would look good in a boho setting?

Canopies, curtains, and blinds can be made from a variety of airy fabrics like voile, muslin, and other translucent cottons. For soft furnishings and upholstery, heavy velvets, silks, cottons, fabrics with a pile or tactile texture, and linens are utilized which can be purchased from your wholesale fabric supplier.


An open base fabric woven from organic, vertical lines traverses an organic, vertical lines traverse an open base fabric woven from coarse strands, made up of a number of interlaced wefts yarns. Brooklyn is the latest in a long line of exclusive, high-end destinations. Decorative fabrics made by hand, which already comprise things Spice and Liberty are two examples you can check for to your wholesale fabric supplier.


Mesh is a loosely woven mesh cloth with an open appearance. Structure of the weave Because of the reflections, it provides an amazing illusion of depth. The use of two contrasting colors in the weft, which is highlighted by its informal, a gentle draping Mesh is a versatile material that works well in both indoor and outdoor settings; In a traditional and modern setting and can be recommended by your wholesale fabric supplier if you opt your interior to be boho.

Experiment With Patterns

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve a Bohemian look is to layer patterns that are similar. You may have a lot of fun and be creative here. Boho-chic knows no limitations, so go crazy with patterns! Infusing varied shapes, whether it’s with wacky, patterned carpets and curtains or Aztec pillows and throws, would do wonders for the area that is widely available in varieties from your wholesale fabric supplier. 

While experimenting with patterns is encouraged, make sure to stick to the color scheme when you select fabrics from your wholesale fabric supplier. This manner you will avoid producing a disorganised vibe. Go for a choice of timeless colours, that you can maintain current with accessories. Deeper, more luxurious colors like burgundy, emerald, or plum could be used.

Minimalism should be avoided.

More is more when it comes to bohemian interiors! Everything large and opulent is embodied by the aesthetic. This is a design where you may put your own stamp on things. It’s your chance to bring everything you care about and have amassed over the years into one place. 

Layering your curtains, with the careful selection from a wholesale fabric supplier, and blinds may be a terrific addition to a bohemian style home because it is all about layering your treasures to create a story. However, keep in mind that this style should not resemble a magpie’s nest. Without being too rigorous, everything should have its own particular location and function.

 bohemian fabrics and style

Keep Boho Alive

When it comes to Bohemian design, the words bold, colorful, and pattern-crazy come to mind which comes in variety in every wholesale fabric supplier. The contemporary, globally inspired aesthetic defies design conventions to create a one-of-a-kind look. Individuals who are known to be eccentric and often interested in the arts are referred to as bohemians. It’s for this reason that it’s a fantastic interior alternative, full of visual stimulation and unpredictability. 

At first appearance, boho decor appears to be simple to put together. Making random bits and bobs work in a room, on the other hand, is more difficult than you may expect. It takes a certain knack to achieve the cool and diverse vibe, which we can assist you with. So, whether you’re a seasoned Boho fan or just getting a taste, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our design ideas if you check the catalogs of your wholesale fabric supplier and read our blog.

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