Know Which Explainer Video Style Will Work Best For Your Brand

Explainer videos are presently the most popular marketing tool. Many kinds of research have proven that explainer videos have increased sales, conversions, and leads. In addition, 97% of advertisers accept that an explainer video is the best instrument to show the vital elements of the business. 

Furthermore, 85% of clients agree that they are more likely to buy a product or service after watching an explainer video.

Animated explainer videos are starting to dominate the marketing scene. Wherever you go on the internet, you are bound to come across an animated explainer video. These videos are coming on top as the most mind-blowing web-based advertising instruments for commitment and ROI.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are brief clips that feature the highlights of any product or service. While these videos are pretty simple and straightforward, they also have the scope to be unique, exciting, and compelling. 

Different organisations use them; however, they all anticipate something similar from this video. The primary purpose of explainer videos is to drive sales, leads, and conversions. Viewers can easily understand what’s going on with the organisation and can choose whether to turn it into its client or not.

An Animated explainer video is one of the most made video types. 73% pick this because it assists with further developing SEO, disentanglement, and clarification of disturbing things.

Convey your brand’s identity with Explainer Videos

Your explainer video should expand your image, so choosing the right style is unquestionably required!

Marketers continuously utilise videos to expand client understanding, develop transformation rates, and diminish support inquiries. So, getting one for your business would be smart!

The thing you should focus most on while producing an explainer video would be its style. You should ensure that the video conveys your brand identity to the viewers. 

When someone watches your videos, they should immediately think of your company. So spend a little extra time choosing the right style, colours, and design for your video.

To pick the correct style for your Animated explainer video, you want to contemplate what you need to convey and what style would best assist you with accomplishing that.

What else to expect from explainer videos?

Explainer videos address an issue and answer a request. Without a doubt, they relate a story, yet they are moreover an exceptional gadget to ‘explain’ anything. It will, in general, be your thing or your vision, etc., and the video does it for you.

Whenever Animated explainer videos are to be considered, you understand you can be just comparably inventive as you should be. You can propel humour, make a compelling and relatable story, a couple of characters that follow the easy way out, and voila, you have an explainer video to attract arrangements and clients.

Various Types of Explainer Videos with models

There are various kinds of explainer videos, and relying upon the impact you need to get from the video, the best sort for your business or organisation might shift. 

It may not be challenging to pick one of the explainer videos types. However, we will assist you with understanding the distinction and give you a few experiences into how these videos look.

All Explainer videos have key highlights: situation, voiceover, characters, and enrichments. They all are made in three fundamental stages: pre-creation animated video creation and after result. Everything begins with pre-creation: considering a situation, forming content, planning a storyboard.

Getting the right explainer video

Numerous explainer videos can be made and used to achieve various objectives. The best web-based liveliness creator makes all endeavours comprehend the message you are attempting to send across to your crowd. 

The explainer video maker then, at that point, suggests or picks the best style of explainer video to support the most extraordinary commitment and trigger transformations.

Here are the most popular types of explainer videos-

  1. Animation 

Animation videos are cherished by both clients and organisations the same.

Want to know why?

They are fun, energetic, drawing in, engaging – with the activity, you can recount any story you need without costing the earth! For instance, to set your video in space would cost equivalent to putting it in an office. 

This eternal nature of the movement is one of the most significant reasons why 44% of advertisers prefer using explainer videos to promote their product or service.

While making an animated explainer video, picking a 2D or 3D style is vital. This is because 2D animated videos are unmistakably the most lively and are less expensive to make than 3D. 

3D animated videos aren’t as well known. Being expensive, these videos are usually not preferred by small businesses. 

In addition, with an animated explainer video, you are bound to make a special interaction with your crowd, which will urge them to impart the video to their loved ones.

  1. Whiteboard

Whiteboard videos have been ascending in prevalence for quite a while. However, this abrupt ascent in ubiquity could be because of many reasons: whiteboard videos are economical and easy to make. 

Moreover, they permit you to depict complex themes to your watchers with straightforward symbolism.

With whiteboard videos, clients can see the story unfurling progressively. This feeling of straightforwardness is incredible for a commitment since watchers stay tuned as they need to realise what will occur straight away.

Albeit not quite as outwardly alluring as some other explainer video styles, whiteboard videos make it simpler for watchers to learn as they copy how we learn in informative classes. As a result, whiteboard videos are best for testing ideas, thoughts, and corporate training videos.

  1. Motion Graphics

Motion graphic videos become a must to dazzle your crowd when your business sells complicated products or services. Utilising a motion graphic video can improve even the most convoluted highlights of your items. 

It is more straightforward to show how a product function or large equipment works through movement illustrations. Therefore, although these explainer videos don’t start a profound, unique interaction, you can take advantage of these videos when involving them for item demos and instructional exercises.

  1. Live-action

Now and then, an ideal way to address your image in your explainer video is to show individuals in the background.

With a true-to-life video, you can get your character across and flaunt the human side of your image. Clients love to see individuals behind the item; it provides them with a superior feeling of trust and urges them to accomplish more business with you.

One more professional to surprisingly realistic video is that they are faster to deliver than many different videos on this rundown. You could set up your camera toward the beginning of the day and transfer your video by the evening!

  1.  Stop motion

Stop movement is an exceptionally conventional type of activity. The videos are made by taking a few photographs of an item or article, moving them somewhat between every picture. This makes the deception of development.

As you can envision from that short portrayal, stop movement videos are genuinely challenging to make, so it’s critical to make sure of the idea before starting. Making a decent stop movement video takes a ton of mastery and expertise, which is why these videos will generally be costly to produce.

Despite the entirety of the additional work, stop movement videos make a delightful completed item that effectively catches the creative mind of watchers.


Now you have enough information to produce the best explainer video for your business. Try to use various styles wherever suited! Of course, you want to exhibit or clarify your item in the best way possible, so utilise the things mentioned here to make your videos simple but effective. 

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