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Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

No lawyers in Lahore Pakistan is entitled to be deemed a lawyer who does not keep abreast in his mind, through reading, through which we gain what the past has afforded, through wide and persistent reading; with what Bear in mind the advice given by Mr. Justice is that society is concerned with, and about. The thoughtless prejudice in the world against lawyers in Lahore Pakistan cannot be denied, but that is because the whole profession of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan has to suffer for the faults and vices of its worst and lowest members.


Different Sonerio:

We are, said Joseph Hodges Choate, a band of brothers, and if a single brother turns out to be a rascal, as now and then, unfortunately, does happen, why the fair name of the whole family suffers with him, of course. So the press too often teems with unfriendly criticisms of our conduct. The stage, catering to the tastes of the galleries, produces the typical lawyer in the role of evil and vulgar pettifogger. And English fiction never tires of reproducing the same type of character at our expense because no play and novel are quite perfect without its villain. We must confess that nobody can fill that part better than wicked lawyers in Lahore Pakistan, who violate his oath and perverts to the destruction of mankind the talent, the learning, and the skill designed only for its protection and to promote its happiness.


Find Entertainment:

However, satire and fiction may find entertainment in the vices and frailties of our weak and wicked brethren. The honest and unanswerable voice of history tells quite another story. It exhibits a learned, fearless, and independent bar as the pride and ornament of every civilized country. No other profession other than practicing law, to which someone can devote his life, is there a nobler intellectual pursuit or a higher moral standard that inspires and permeates the ranks of the legal profession practiced by Advocates in Lahore Pakistan.


Legal and Constitutional:

To succor innocence and to punish guilt, to aid in the solution of those great questions, legal and constitutional, constantly evolving from the ever-changing affairs and business of men. “You will,” said Choate, “look in vain elsewhere for more spotless honor, more absolute devotion, more patient industry, more conscientious fidelity than among the honest members of the legal profession.


Story Related to the Justice Frankfurture:

“A question was once put to Mr. Justice Frankfurter: “Just what would you think might be a good way by which the bar could improve what might be called its public image with the laity? The justice said: “Well, in the first place what you call the laity image of the bar I would not take too seriously cause that is always with us. People, who know they need you, are simply having a little fun at your expense, but that does not mean that they don’t value the bar. In the second place, and I haven’t said, the citizen should not be lost in the lawyer. I do not think that it is necessary for a man to enter public life, to contribute to public life. To my mind, in a democracy, in our society, the most important office is the citizen. Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan have to protect this office. All Advocates in Lahore Pakistan strive hard to protect it.


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