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Think Beyond Making Business; Think of Your Employees Too!

Today we are living in the most uncertain period of our lives, where there’s no certainty on the heath or the career. Some are losing their battle against the Coronavirus pandemic; the others are losing their savings amid lockdown to earn bread and butter. In both situations, the level of stress is almost equal.

Tableau BI Software

Not just the frontline workers including the healthcare workers, the government employees, and volunteers helping the worst hit people but the ones working from homes are too under the pressure as they aren’t very sure of the fact how long they would be paid for the work or when they might be just asked to leave. The severity of the situation is no less than the times of the September 11 terrorist attack. The only difference is that the creator of the terror this time is an invisible virus.

The idea of highlighting all this is to bring into the notice of the leaders what their employees might be going through and what as responsible leaders they are expected to do. Let’s understand deeply how to know the well-being of the employees while they are working from home.


Work from Stress – How is it impacting Business?

According to rich data analysis and a survey conducted by Ginger, around 91% of employees working from home were reported to be facing mental stress. The stats kept on increasing from February to March. The reasons accounting for the same could be many but all that it has resulted in is frustration, anxiety, lack of productivity, etc.

The wellbeing of an employee not just impacts his own health but the business too. As many employees during the survey were reported absent at the time of project execution, and some were reported less productive certainly affected the timelines of the project.

Some of the forward-thinking companies understand the importance of employee health and thus are taking measures too to ensure employee safety and good health. But, taking appropriate steps for the same and planning strategies to work out is the secondary thing. First you, as a leader, need to analyze the well-being of your employee.


How Leaders Can Analyze Employee’ Health – Is Tableau a Solution?

Data is everything and everywhere, you just need the right tool to analyze the same, and that is done with the help of business analytics software like Tableau. Tableau as everybody knows is popular for transforming data into insights. With mere the regular attendance starts and progress in project v/s performance stats, Tableau software can give leaders an idea of the employees those are:

  • Constantly performing well and must be in good health
  • Taking more leaves than the usual and might be facing some health-related issues
  • Known for performing well usually but are less productive these days indicating the high-stress level disruptions in their performance

Analyzing this data with Tableau’s creative dashboards can help leaders make smart decisions towards employee health and well-being that would indirectly benefit their business.


Is Investing in Tableau Right During Pandemic?

Tableau, as mentioned above, not just indicates employee performance but renders the optimum intelligence to the companies to make smarter business decisions, hence, it’s the most justified investment for your business. To avail Tableau’s Intelligent reporting, you need to search for the trusted Business Intelligence Software Companies and enquire about the Tableau License cost that best fits your requirements for now. As it is a scalable solution, you can buy the most needed license for now and scale up as you grow after Pandemic.

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