Lip Filler: Do Not Let the Myths and Misconceptions Stray you

Have you been extensively researching lip filler and trying to gather the initial information to help you through the process and calm your nerves? You have come to the right place. Getting plump, and fresh textured lips are the most desired ones, especially if you desire a perfect pout for the next Instagram post.

No matter how enthusiastic you are regarding getting the Lip Filler Dubai, there are always going to be some myths and misconceptions to hold you back. However, they are still myths. Try to filter them away and then look out for this safe and effective procedure that will only do you good.

Here is a carefully curated list of some ongoing myths evolving lip fillers that are important for you to know and eliminate, when taking an informed decision regarding lip fillers.

Let’s take a look at them:

Myth 1: The Process is Painful

Lip filler treatment is not a painful process. Many patients have given in their reviews of not experiencing any pain at all. Rather, there is just some discomfort that fades away. Before the treatment starts, the surgeon hands in some ice to the patients to apply it on their lips. This reduces the signs of discomfort and stinging feeling after the injections. Experts also suggest the patients put on an ice pack after the treatment to ease any signs of comfort that they may experience.

Myth 2: It Will Sag Your Lips

Lip fillers contain a large number of Hyaluronic acids. These are the same ones that are naturally present in your body and promote the production of collagen. Over the period of time, the collagen in our body reduces and one gets wrinkled and fine lines. With lip fillers, these collagens are injected into our body and prevent the lips from sagging.

In addition to this, the results can last for up to 24 months. Getting this treatment strengthens your lips and also thickens the outermost layers of the lips. It gives you a perky look even after the treatment ends.

Myth 3: It Gives You Duck Lips

When performed adequately, lip fillers add a subtle and natural enhancement to the volume and shape of the lips. Duck lips are usually the result of the person administering the injection, not the filler. Do your research and only get dermal fillers and lip injections from an experienced aesthetic expert. When performed by the right team, your lips will still look like your lips — only better! 

Myth 4: Opt for Permanent Fillers

That is not a very practical way for an aesthetic look. Your face and lips will continue to change after your injection, while permanent fillers won’t change. 

Bones and soft tissues change over time, altering the proportions of the face. Permanent fillers may look great at first, but over time, they may make your face look strange or plastic. Fillers last up to one year, allowing you to customize your treatment to maintain a natural look as you age. 

Myth 5: Anyone Can Perform It

Only an experienced aesthetic professional using FDA-approved fillers should inject your lips.

Many of the scary stories circulating about lip fillers stem from tales of clients seeking filler treatments from untrained injectors. Like other cosmetic injectable and dermal fillers, your results from lip fillers are dependent on good technique. This means the more experience your provider has, the more likely you’ll be pleased with the results. If you’re not sure, ask questions about training and experience when you set up your consultation.

Myth 6: You Don’t Need a Consultation

Some places may let you schedule an injection without a consultation, but it is highly recommendable that you should talk to a provider first. For example, your provider should discuss:

  •     Your concerns and goals
  •     The best plan for your lips
  •     How often do you need injections
  •     What type of filler you should use

When you meet your provider, it may also be beneficial to bring photos of the lips you do and don’t like. This will help the injector get an accurate representation of what you’re looking for with your lips.

Myth 7: There’s no Post-care Needed

There’s always a chance of swelling and/or bruising, by nature of filler being an injection treatment. Therefore, it is recommended to schedule this appointment at any skinceuticals Dubai, during a few down days when you don’t have any social events. You can help prevent swelling by maintaining a low sodium diet, as well as icing on and off every 30-45 minutes for a few days post-treatment.

The Takeaway

In all, lip fillers are a safe and effective procedure. However, make sure to consult your doctor for a personalized session for perfect guidance.

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