Do you own an air conditioning unit that needs to be cleaned? If so, then we can help. We provide luxurious aircon cleaning Singapore services and all over the world. Our cleaners are experts at what they do and will make sure your AC is as clean as possible with our top of the line equipment. Call today for a free quote!

We clean AC units in any home or building. We know that your AC unit is important to you so we ensure it gets the best possible cleaning service available. Our cleaners are well tutored and understand what needs to be done when cleaning an AC unit which makes them perfect for the job!

As experts in the field, we will make sure your AC unit is clean and working like new.

We know how important your air conditioning units are to you so we make sure they get the best possible service available. We have a team of cleaners that are well-trained and understand what needs to be done when they clean an AC unit which makes them perfect for the job! As experts in our fields, we will ensure that all of your AC units are cleaned and running perfectly.
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Just like how humans need to be clean, your aircon units also require a regular cleaning service to look and function at its best. Air conditioners are exposed to dust and germs which will get trapped in the internal components of the system. Aircon cleaning Singapore will prevent bacteria from growing and spreading, while also making sure that no dirt is going inside your respiratory system each time you’re inhaling! Not only that, a clean AC ensures that there is no dirty build-up within the unit which can cause it to overheat or break down.

The best part about having a professional cleaner do the job for you? It can be completed in about an hour so you don’t have to worry about being home during cleaning hours. If you think this is too good to be true, think again! All our cleaners are equipped with high tech equipment so they can easily access hard-to-reach spots and areas without disturbing your home environment. For the cleaning process, we will also use belts and brushes which will reduce the risk of damage to your AC unit.

For those that want a little bit more than just a thorough clean, we do offer an additional service called “sanitization”. Sanitizing your AC removes harmful bacteria and germs from surfaces and components within the unit which requires no tools whatsoever (and no disruption)! This service ends with a quick wipe down conducted by our technicians as well as an air purifier which cleanses our surrounding air. If any mound appears within the unit, our cleaners will provide mound removal services for you.

One thing to note however is that our cleaners are unable to provide servicing on the outdoor unit due to its sensitive nature. But if you think your indoor unit has dirt or dust trapped within, these are common occurrences which are best solved by a thorough clean. For maintenance, we recommend supervised services every 6 months. If you have any questions about our cleaning process or would like to schedule a service, contact us today!

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