Making Money from Instagram

Making Money from Instagram – A Simple Walkthrough

Everybody wants to make easy money and resort to money-making strategies that are convenient and most importantly, mobile. Making money from the comfort of your home on the internet is one of the most attractive opportunities for today’s youth and they very well make use of the said opportunity. You may have already been exposed to multiple kinds of literature that guide you on how to make money online, but making money from Instagram is a totally different ball game.


Why Choose Instagram Over Other Social Media Platforms?

The answer is simple; Instagram has the potential of reaching the widest range of audiences that might be a part of your target group. About 70% of the users are below the age of 35 which makes it a perfect sample size to sell whatever it is you are trying to make money from.

Instagram is of the fastest expanding social media platforms that already has more than a billion active monthly users. The platform that initially started as a photo-sharing app, is now a multimillion-dollar subsidiary of Facebook. It all happened in less than 7 years, so growth is not something you need to worry about while making money from Instagram.

Three Potential Approaches for Making Money from Instagram

Assume the role of an Influencer – The general trend of today’s times are a high degree of online presence and a cult following of particular popular figures that pose as Influencers. Influencers are just Instagram residents like me and you but what sets them apart is their huge following.

With more than 50k followers usually, Instagram Influencers can be perceived as make-shift brand ambassadors that endorse products and services of other companies to spread awareness among the mass about its advantages. Companies or brands usually approach an Influencer to try their product, review them online, and garner the required attention. Influencers usually make money from sponsorships and do not depend on the actual sales of the products or services they endorse.

People, in general, love to imitate popular and figures, and thus, sponsored branding works wonders in the case of trusted Influencers.


Consider Affiliate Marketing – In this case, you may contact a brand or any enterprise to offer a platform to sell their brand through your profile and in return, you get a commission on the sales of that particular product. Affiliate marketing usually has a negative connotation associated with it, but if handled professionally, it is a potential strategy for making money from Instagram. Affiliates usually recommend stuff to other people online, post links, and reviews and urge people to buy a particular product or service. This strategy also requires a certain expansive base of followers for it to work effectively


Sell your own products – If you already own a business, then you should not think twice before starting to sell your own products on Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy. Most Influencers with a huge number of followers usually transform their page into a seller account since they already have established engagement and earned the trust of a wide base of audiences. Thus, selling your products/services directly on Instagram can be a profit-making approach

You need to sell niche and trendy products/services to garner the response of the youth which is the maximum population of Instagram. Selling visual arts, technology-based appliances, DIY materials, writing services, etc. can be considered niche and unique. Writing my paper for me has more information on writing services.


Points to be kept in mind before making money from Instagram

  • Verify brands and maintain a consistent public image
  • Expose a funny, witty side to make yourself more likable and approachable
  • Keep a tight grip on finances and revenues earned
  • Do not fall for lucrative offers as they might be scams to rope you in.

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