popular wallpaper ideas and trends

Most popular wallpaper ideas and trends

popular wallpaper ideas and trends

Wallpaper is a key trend for 2021, and the insatiable appetite from consumers doesn’t look like abating any time soon. Whatever your taste, there is something everyone, from traditional florals and trompe l’oeil to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs.

The latest wallpaper trends are all about panoramic murals, 3D texture, contemporary geometrics, and natural-inspired materials like grasscloth, cork, straw, and wicker wallpapers, with key trends ranging from trompe l’oeil to tropical botanicals. Plus, with new printing techniques and finishes pushing the boundaries on new possibilities, wallpapers are moving away from paper altogether, making things even more exciting. Gone are the days of just printing on paper, you can now embellish corks, grass-cloths, and silks with pretty much any design.


Update your home with this season’s must-have new wallpaper trends.

Paint can also be used to highlight decorative features, wall art or add extra interest to everyday pieces such as a wall clock accentuated with a painted design on the surrounding wall.

If you just can’t decide on which wallpaper design to go for, there is a solution. Consider using fixed wooden paneling to break up the large expanse of the wall – and decorate with squares of four or five papers for a contemporary arrangement that will look like large-scale wall art.

Be brave and experiment with wallpaper. Mix it up with different textures, luxe finishes such as subtle sheens, and vibrant motifs. For a beautiful Moorish feel, layer up different patterns such as geometrics and abstract wallpapers and combine them with blocks of deep blue.

Mixing wallpaper and paint is a great way to create contrast and interest in a room. Whether you just want one feature wall of super expensive wallpaper with the rest of the room painted to blend in, or whether you want a riot of contrasting color and pattern, a combination of these two effects can have stunning results. Scroll down to see our favorite ways to use wallpaper and paint in living rooms and bedrooms.


Maximalism is back in a big way for 2021, and we predict that this daring look is here to stay.

In bold contrast to the understated, this scheme reveals the design world’s wild side. An arresting mix of leopard prints, pleating, and patchworks, together with stars, stripes, and metallic hides, demonstrates that more can be more. Combine pretty wallcoverings and specialist paint techniques with faded fabrics and vintage furniture to decorative effect in your living room. Create a cutting-edge vibe in your living room with wallpaper that puts a new spin on a classic print. A pixelated design transforms this floral pattern from traditional country to contemporary cool. For a strong, unified scheme, pick out colors and patterns from your wallpaper and reiterate them in your soft furnishings and accessories.

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