New Zealand ETA

New Zealand ETA Information

As of October 1, 2019, you will be required to obtain a visa to visit New Zealand. You may qualify for this waiver if you are from one of six countries: USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and Australia. If you are a citizen of these countries, you are eligible to apply for an ETA visa and can apply online. Once you have received your ETA, you will need to complete the application and pay the appropriate fee before you travel.

Transit ETA is valid for transit only

New Zealand ETA is required for any traveler from New Zealand to a destination other than New Zealand. This type of travel document does not include an International Visitor Levy component and is only valid for transit purposes. Transit travelers will not be able to leave Auckland International Airport without a valid ETA. A valid ETA can be obtained online. If you do not have one, you should apply for one before you leave your country.

In order to obtain a valid transit ETA, you must first apply for a New Zealand visa. If you are an Australian citizen, you will need a residency permit to enter the country. The good news is that some nationalities can travel to New Zealand without a visa for up to 90 days prior to the start of October 1st. Applicants from the UK, Canada, and Australia may also enter the country without a visa if they already hold residency status in their home countries. However, everyone else should apply for an eTA New Zealand visa before traveling to New Zealand.

Tourist ETA is valid for multiple entries

A Tourist ETA is valid for multiple entries in the country for a period of two years. This type of visa is required to visit New Zealand for business purposes and does not allow the holder to work. It is also valid for multiple entries into the country for USA, Canadian and British citizens. While the ETA is not a visa, it is linked to the applicant’s passport. Therefore, immigration officials will be able to view the approval email on the computer. Regardless, the traveler should print out their approval email as proof of approval.

To get a NZETA for multiple entries in New Zealand, you must apply online. The processing time of your application will depend on whether you need it to transit through New Zealand, transiting in Australia, or travelling from one country to another. The processing time for your ETA is usually one business day. For other purposes, it may take a bit longer. For those who plan to visit the country for business, studying or permanent employment, you will need a different visa.

Application process

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, you should know the application process for ETA. It usually takes around 72 hours to process an eTA application, but sometimes it can take longer. There are several factors to consider when applying for ETA in New Zealand.

To apply for an eTA, you must have a valid passport with at least one blank page. This is because your ETA is electronically linked to your passport. In case you have more than one passport, it is best to use the same one. Nevertheless, if you are traveling with more than one passport, you must carry a printed copy of your eTA. To transit through Auckland International Airport, you must have a valid ETA for New Zealand.

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