Great Italian Dishes

On Which Great Italian Dishes Is Burrata Cheese Spread?

Italy is the most interesting country that has a unique culture and traditions. You will find this uniqueness in the dishes they make and the food they eat. Especially their individuality can be seen in their Burrata spread on various dishes. read more about Italian Dishes


The Most Essential Questions About Burrata Cheese?

When you hear Burrata spread; it means that the Burrata cheese is spread on various cuisines. You have to know about the Burrata cheese to understand how this cheese is spread in various ingredients.


How To Explain Burrata Cheese?

Unlike other cheeses types in Italy; this one is a modern world creation. During the early 20th century this cheese was created. The leftovers of mozzarella cheese are filled into pouches.


What Is The Source Of Cheese?

This cheese originated from the Apulia region of Italy that is most famously called the heel of Italy. Cows are abundant there so their milk is used to make the cheese. But the milk of buffalo can also be used.


What Is The Flavor?

The center of Burrata cheese is smooth and creamy. The outer shell is soft but stretchy like mozzarella. The taste of Burrata is milder than mozzarella. But both taste almost the same.


Can it Be Substituted?

You will never find any substitute for Burrata cheese because you can’t uncover the flavor and texture of this cheese.


How Much Does it Age?

As it is a fresh type of cheese there is no aging period required. It has to be used immediately after it is made. Or you can keep it for only one day and eat it.


What Is The Best Way To Store?

Never try to store Burrata cheese for more than one day as it is the most perishable item. It has to be eaten fresh the day it is made. You can order or buy dishes having Burrata from different online stores like Burrata House.


Burrata Spread On Great Italian Dishes

As by now you must have understood how Burrata cheese is made and also it has to be eaten fresh; so the dishes prepared should be fresh.


Burrata Spread On Loaves Of Bread

The cheese strings inside the outer shell of mozzarella are spread on the loaves of bread and then topped off with olive oil, dry or fresh herbs, and spices.


Top Pizza With Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese spread on pizza is a unique recipe, but it is very popular in Italy. This is the healthiest substitute for other cheese to be put on a pizza.


Burrata On Top Of Pasta

Pasta is one ingredient that goes well with all other ingredients and cheese is its best companion. Burrata cheese on top of pasta is the best combination.


Making Delicious Panini

Panini or to simply put it as an Italian sandwich can also be made delicious with Burrata cheese. The oozy cheese will run down the whole Panini; making it delicious.


Burrata Cheese Crowned On Salad Bowls

Lastly Burrata spread on a healthy salad bowl will be the best Jewel in the crown. So there you have a variety of dishes in which you can spread the Burrata.

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