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Online Book Club Is The Best Place For Free Poetry And Art Contest


People have many types of special talents that can make them different from others. There are many people, who love to write poetry, stories, noble, etc. Many people love to art many things. They play an important role in their society. They need the best platform to express their talent. OnlineBookClubis the best platform for writers and artists. Scott Hughes is the founder and president of this platform. Book lovers love him very much for his creativity. OnlineBookClub has been serving for 16 years. Scott Hughes loves to read. So, he found OnlineBookClub carefully for writers and artists. It is a great opportunity for literature lovers. If you read this article fully, you can know about free poetry and art contest easily.

Poetry and Art Contest by OnlineBookClub

Scott Hughes’s book club is becoming famous day by day. It is an important point of an online destination for literary lovers. OnlineBookClub is suitable for all groups, genders, geographical locations, social status, economic background, or educational qualifications. Scott Hughes has started a Black Friday Giveaway Contest. This contest is good for book lovers. It is a great and loving point for book lovers. There are hundreds of readers from across the world who are participated in the contest. Many participants can receive outstanding cash prizes.

On the other hand, OnlineBookClub has released an E-reading app ‘OBC Reader’. This app is available on both the Android Play Store and the iOS store. The contest and app are free for writers and artists. The online book club is suitable for young writers. They can find print and online literary magazines to read and they can publish their own creativity. They can publish their poet, story, noble, art, etc. This book club is very useful for interested writers and artists.

They can show their talent by showing their creativity. Otherwise, society cannot know about their talent. This book club is a complete guide for writers and artists. It acts as a teacher of them. OnlineBookClub is safe that can ensure your privacy. If you are an artist, this free poetry and art contest is for you.

The Black Friday Giveaway Contest is free. There are no charge fees. This contest means to recognize and encourage young writers and artists. As this contest is free for all, poor writers and artists can participate in this contest easily. There is no entry fee as well. It is a great opportunity for enhancing knowledge. So, young writers and artists take this advantage of this contest. In a pandemic situation, people get a chance to express their talent.

They pass their leisure time by drawing, writing, acting, reciting, etc. They can know themselves. They can meet their hidden talent. For those talented people, Scott Hughes has panned for the Black Friday Giveaway Contest. Every writer and artist can join this contest, as there are no charge-fee or entry-fee.


OnlineBookClub is the best teacher and encouragement for readers. Who loves to read, this club is a great point for them. OnlineBookClub is arranging many events for book lovers. This book club wants to stay with writers and artists so that they can express their talent easily. So, join this contest and show your creativity.

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