Raise funds easily for cryptocurrency projects via Bakery Tools

Bakery Tools

Anyone who is starting a crypto based business knows that raising funds for their project can be a challenging task mainly due to the lesser availability of platforms for cryptocurrency projects. But worry no more as Bakery Tools is here! Bakery Tools is a perfect place and tool pool explorer for Binance Smart Chain. It is also a hotspot for cryptocurrency projects. With the latest tools and techniques, Bakery Tools will give people a trading experience that they have been missing.

Bakery tools have successfully completed its presale and private sale. Raising private and presale funds is an important part of the crypto space for different projects. For many projects, it becomes tricky to broadcast their private sale. Bakery Tools is here to help people out of this problem. “The Hotspot” feature in the platform will provide exposure to verified projects by featuring it in the (ADS).

There are two other prominent features of Bakery Tool besides Hotspot- Analytic Data and Multi-Pairs and Pools. Using the analytic data feature, people will be able to get real-time data analysis related to BCS bakery and pancakeswap. The makers of Bakery Tool also plan to incorporate erc20 DEX in the period ahead.

The Multi-Pairs and Pools enable the users to save their favorite trading pairs at the top so that they can be notified instantly in case of significant changes or transaction information. Bakery Tool provide its users with correct analyzing tools and graphics for a smooth experience.

The journey of creating this amazing platform began in February 2021 with a mere idea. Within a span of 4 months, Bakery tool have achieved many milestones like project development, airdrop announcement, and marketing, successfully filling private sale whitelist in under eight hours of opening, first listing, and much more.

There are three tiers of Bakery Tools. Tier 1 is for free and includes features like- real-time data and chart, pair explorer, multi swap pairs, pool explorer, five favorite pairs, stable coin pairs, token/ token pairs, and hotspot access.

The second tier can be availed for $30 per month and includes more features apart from the ones in the first tier. These features are- My Tracker (P&L tracker), no advertisement, desktop/ mobile price alerts. The third tier, priced at $40 comes with all the features of the first and second-tier along with additional features like trade analysis and pine script as well as price alerts for both desktop and mobile.

There are many exciting features on the Bakery Tools platform. You can find the complete information on its website- Bakery Tools.

Telegram: https://t.me/myBakeryTools

Website. https://bakerytools.io

Twitter. https://twitter.com/bakerytools

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