ReadiVet – A New Start-Up Veterinary Service

ReadiVet Nashville is a direct-to-consumer veterinary service that performs specialized services in the comfort of your home or office. Pet owners can book a veterinary visit at any time of day, and they never have to worry about waiting in an uncomfortable waiting room. ReadiVet offers convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule. With locations throughout the Manhattan design district, ReadiVet is available to pet owners who don’t want to leave their pets in a crowded waiting room.

ReadiVet is a direct-to-consumer veterinary practice

Start-up veterinarians are looking for a new opportunity in the veterinary field, and ReadiVet may be just the place. The Dallas-based company has 24 employees and six veterinarians and plans to add two more soon. The founder expects to have 25 veterinarians serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area in two years. The company is led by Atlanta Seed Company partner Connor Davidson, who has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

ReadiVet has raised $2.5 million in Series A funding led by Atlanta Seed Company, with participation from others. The funds will be used to hire veterinarians, expand into other markets, and further develop the company’s consumer-centric technology platform. ReadiVet estimates that over 80% of their care can be delivered in the client’s home. It will empower veterinarians while maintaining their clinical autonomy and optimizing their workflow. Ultimately, clients and veterinarians will have more access to high-quality care and a positive experience.

After receiving seed funding, ReadiVet enlisted the services of Y’all to develop a brand messaging strategy. Together, Y’all created a comprehensive messaging strategy plan focused on ReadiVet’s brand identity and mission. The resulting brand copy and tagline, as well as the ReadiVet website, were developed from Y’all’s brand identity plan. The messaging strategy also helped the company launch and grow.

It performs specialized services in your home or workplace

Pet owners in the Dallas area aren’t left out when Mobile Vet Nashville visits arrive in their homes or offices. Located in the Design District, ReadiVet brings the vet to you, so you don’t have to wait for an appointment. The veterinary services are available to dogs and cats of all ages, including exotics and large breeds. Founded by veterinarians with years of experience, ReadiVet is now available to pet owners who are too busy to take their pets to a traditional vet.

The company started with one veterinarian and has grown rapidly since then. It now has multiple veterinarians on staff, allowing it to offer more specialized services to customers. They can also pick up your pets and drop them off at an in-clinic location if that’s what you prefer. You can also visit staff veterinarians for consultations. ReadiVet is expanding its services to more cities and states.

It eliminates waiting rooms for pets

The innovative startup Mobile Veterinarian Nashville has taken the veterinary office from the traditional waiting room to the comfort of your home. With two Dallas locations, ReadiVet now has six veterinarians and plans to open four more in the next 12 months. The startup is now looking for veterinarians who are passionate about making the veterinary experience easier and more convenient for clients. Those interested in joining ReadiVet can find out more information about the company on their website.


One of the benefits of not having a waiting room for your animal is that it eliminates the conflict between pets and their owners. While there are many benefits to having separate waiting rooms, they may not be appropriate for certain pets. A waiting room can increase stress levels and lead to a high risk of contagious diseases and illnesses. In addition, busy clinics may not have enough exam rooms for all animals. Rather than having a room full of anxious and stressed patients, busy clinics can offer separate waiting areas for animals with communicable diseases or fearful behavior. In such cases, owners can check in by telephone or wait in their vehicles.

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