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The company behind ReadiVet, a veterinary clinic that offers affordable services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, has been growing rapidly since its launch. They currently have one highly-trained veterinarian on staff, and they are recruiting more to keep up with demand. However, ReadiVet Collin County is much more than just a mobile clinic. This full-fledged clinic is equipped to provide specialized services. You can schedule an appointment to have your pet seen in clinic or have your pet picked up by ReadiVet staff veterinarians.

ReadiVet is a pet adoption company

If you are looking for a new best friend, consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Each year, millions of dogs are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Legacy Humane Society in Collin County rescues adoptable dogs from crowded shelters and abusive situations. You will save two lives and help a dog find a new home. This Collin County pet adoption company will help you find a new best friend.

The company has 24 employees, including six veterinarians. Two more will join the team soon. Founder Connor Davidson hopes to expand to 25 vets in Dallas-Fort Worth in two years. The company’s recent investment from Nashville-based investment firm Martin Ventures will help the company expand and hire more veterinarians. The company will also use the new funding to hire more veterinarians, expand its service lines, and further develop its technology platform.

It provides convenient veterinary care

A startup that has switched the waiting room for the living room is launching its second location in the DFW Metroplex to provide convenient veterinary care to its clients. The company plans to expand across the DFW metroplex, hiring new veterinarians and expanding its service offerings. It recently raised $2.5 million in a Series A round from Atlanta Seed Company, Martin Ventures, and Jemison Capital. Currently, ReadiVet is hiring veterinarians for its Dallas-Fort Worth location, which enables more clients to access its services.

A veterinarian with ReadiVet Collin County’s mobile clinic spent the first hour of the day relaxing by a backyard pool while treating a shihTzu and a rat terrier. She and her veterinarian technician changed into clean and protective gear and prepared to perform a checkup for the two pets. The veterinarian also took pictures of the clients’ pets, allowing their pet owners to view them in the comfort of their own home.

It has a full-blown clinic

If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Collin County, TX, then look no further. Mobile Veterinarian Collin County

has a full-blown clinic and services for in-home or work-based pet care. This vet’s clinic is a fixture in the Design District and offers mobile care for your furry friend. There are also many different services to choose from.

While ReadiVet services the entire Metroplex, the Collin County location is located in Uptown, north of the Medical District, Park Cities, and other surrounding neighborhoods. This clinic will accept single-pet owners, but will charge a fee of $75 for those outside of the service area. The clinic is convenient for both pet owners and veterinarians. A full-service clinic isn’t necessary, though.

It is a pet adoption company

In the DFW Metroplex, the pet adoption company ReadiVet is trading the waiting room for your living room and offering on-demand veterinary care to area pets. The company has just opened its second location and has plans to open more in the near future. ReadiVet recently raised $2.5 million in a Series A round of financing led by Atlanta Seed Company and Martin Ventures. Jemison Capital is another investor.


In addition to providing in-home veterinary care, Mobile Vet Collin County is also a direct-to-consumer veterinary practice. They allow pets to receive one-on-one attention from veterinarians while avoiding the stress and anxiety associated with traditional veterinary clinics. Pets can get nervous when they’re brought to a vet’s office, limiting examinations. Also, appointments with ReadiVet allow pet parents to ask any questions they might have. And since ReadiVet veterinarians are trained to provide the highest quality of care, there is no schlet factor involved.

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