Sales Techniques That Can Damage Your Brand’s Online Reputation

In the old days, sales techniques could be quite aggressive. Just think of sales professionals selling vacuums, encyclopedias, and makeup products door to door. But in those days, there wasn’t the internet — reputation wasn’t instant and global. Today, the wrong sales techniques can quickly damage your brand’s online reputation, and make it harder to gain traction.

Here are some of the major sales techniques that can potentially damage your brand’s online reputation.


Being Too Aggressive to Seal the Deal

There’s no need for aggression in an era of inbound sales. People are extremely put off by aggressive sales techniques today. They are likely to agree to a sale and then later decline, throwing off your metrics. Even worse, they may start sending complaints out if you’re contacting them unsolicited. That will send you looking at how to remove complaints from complaints board sites. If you got their information through untoward methods (such as purchasing email lists), you might even be looking at fines.

Today, there’s no excuse for not dealing with previously scored leads. When leads come to you, you already know that they’re interested in your product, and you need to do a lot less work selling.


Making Promises You Can’t Fulfill

It’s always best to under-promise, over-deliver. Too often, people get caught up in making a sale and make promises they can’t fulfill. Then, they start getting negative reviews. And then, they need to hire business reputation management services.

When people are told upfront what they can expect, they adjust their expectations. When they are given a bait-and-switch, not only will they feel betrayed, but they’re not likely to stay with the company regardless.

Sticky sales are the best sales. Organizations want people coming back. Increasing customer lifetime value is always best. If you’re upfront with your customers and genuine, they’ll stay, and you’ll spend less time and money on customer acquisition. If you’re too caught up in trying to secure a sale at the moment, you’re more likely to have churn or customers without follow-through, and that will only negatively impact your reputation and your metrics.


Responding Incorrectly to Bad Reviews

Customers understand that people get bad reviews. What they really look for is how someone responds to those bad reviews. Are they thoughtful? Do they solve the problem?

The biggest mistake that sales professionals can make is responding to bad reviews aggressively. From there, the reviews often go viral and no one is on the company’s side. At that point, you may need to look into how to remove a bad review on Facebook — so it can’t taint the future impressions of your brand.

People today are very skeptical of sales. They need to be interacted with on the level; earnestly and honestly. The internet has opened up a tremendous audience for every company and every industry. It’s easier to interact with those who are already interested than try to force people to be interested.

But once someone’s online reputation has been damaged, it can be difficult to recover. Hiring professionals can help.

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