Signs of an Alcohol Overdose

Alcohol Overdose

Dealing with alcohol issues comes with many complexities and problems. Alcohol issues tend to interrupt family life, work-life, and personal satisfaction in life. Moreover, alcohol slowly destroys the body and can lead to great harm. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol use, you may even worry about an alcohol overdose. 

This is a valid concern and one that should be taken seriously. An alcohol overdose is the same as alcohol poisoning, meaning you are getting toxic alcohol levels in the body, which can be deadly. How would you know if you or someone else was experiencing an alcohol overdose? Orange County Rehab can guide you through recognizing seven signs of an alcohol overdose. 

Mental Disorientation 

This symptom makes the user confused cognitively. They may not recognize common people or places and not be able to function normally. It is different from being drunk and stumbling around. 

Difficulty Remaining Conscious 

When alcohol overdose is occurring, a person may struggle to remain conscious. They may nod off or fall over trying to keep alert. Any time someone passes out from drinking, it’s a cause for alarm. 


This can occur with or without have an alcohol overdose. Some people vomit when they are very drunk, but the difference is that they will have other symptoms accompanying this. Vomiting can be quite dangerous because sometimes it leads to dehydration. 


When the blood sugar levels dip extremely low, a seizure may occur. Seizures are an uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain that can cause a person to lose all ability to stay standing or keep conscious. 

Difficulty Breathing 

This may happen when the heart rate slows down, which it will when drinking an excessive amount. If the breathing is at eight breaths a minute or less, it’s critical to call 911.

Dulled Responses 

Dulled responses can manifest in various ways, such as preventing or inhibiting the gag reflex. The gag reflex is necessary to prevent choking. So, choking is a high risk if a person is vomiting and doesn’t have their gag reflex working properly. 

Extremely Low Body Temperature 

When the body temperature drops extremely low, it’s because it’s trying to handle all the alcohol that has suddenly flooded the system. The other dire concern is that low body temperature may lead to cardiac arrest. 

Prevent an Alcohol Overdose at Renaissance Recovery 

At Renaissance Recovery, you can find a safe way to get through the alcohol use issue. There is no need to worry about an alcohol overdose if you seek treatment for this issue. If you find that alcohol is consuming too much of your life and time, you could benefit from an alcohol rehab program. If the thoughts of quitting are overwhelming, you’ll find our staff equipped to guide you through the process. You can take the first step in freedom by reaching out to our facility for help. 

Our compassionate therapists are here to get you started on your journey to a brighter future. Through our alcohol addiction treatment program, you can be on your way to a sober life. Within the treatment program, we implement therapy regimens too. Some of the therapy programs we offer include: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy 
  • Dual diagnosis therapy 
  • Women’s rehab treatment 
  • Men’s rehab therapy

Don’t hold back from seeking the help you need for an alcohol problem. Now that you know more about the signs of an alcohol overdose, you can take action and get treatment at an alcohol rehab center. Contact Renaissance Recovery at [Direct] today, and we’ll stand with you every step of the way on your new journey.

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