Skateboard vs Scooter: Let’s bring a cold comparison!

The competition from skateboard to scooter has been going on for years as the popularity of scooters is growing among both children and adults.

Stunt scooters, also known as kicks, stunts, tricks, or street scooters, are one type of scooter – other types include large commuter scooters, three- or four-wheeled scooters, electric scooters, and more.

In this post, I’d like to compare apples to apples, i.e. skateboards and stunt scooters. Both are leg-powered devices that can be used to perform cool tricks on the streets and in skate parks.

Just take a look at the list above to see that the results for skateboards and stunt scooters are more or less the same. Which one is better for you depends on how highly you rate each of the criteria above.

Skateboard vs Scooter: what’s more difficult to master?

Aside from the basics, though, learning advanced stunt scooters can be as difficult as skateboarding. Newborns may take 6-8 hours to learn a good tilt or kickflip on a skateboard. Likewise, it takes a lot of practice to master tailwicks or 360 degrees on a scooter.

Some tricks may be easier to learn on a scooter than on a skateboard, but scooter riders do more difficult tricks to make up the difference. Therefore, the 360   scooter is equivalent to a 180 scooter having difficulty skateboarding and is comparable to a double hit flip.

Kickflip (skateboarding) may be more difficult than tail wipe (scooter) but backflip 4 whips is definitely more difficult to learn than a kickflip. It’s harder to pull your nose on a scooter than a manual or 50’s skateboard.

Of course, there are also some tricky skateboard tricks like hard flips and tray flips that can take years to learn.

On average, scooter riding is easy to choose from, but getting in and out of a certain level is just as difficult as skateboarding.

Skateboard or scooter: which is cooler?

The main target market for scooters (and the image of most people) is toddlers 7-13 years old. Skateboarding is generally important not only for teenagers (including “illegal” rebels), but also for adults traveling and skating and longboarding.

Image comparisons between scooters and skateboards often revolve around skate parks and straight-ahead driving.  

However, the image of scooters is evolving, and more and more “elderly people” use scooters on a daily basis. The scooters are practical and can be folded up to board a bus or train. All this adds to a positive image.

Skateboard or scooter: which is safer?

Scooters are generally considered safer than skateboarding, which is why parents buy them for young children:

Skateboards have a higher center of gravity than scooters that run very low to the ground. The board of the skateboard must be relatively high above the ground to provide adequate clearance for the wheels and to avoid biting them.

There is nothing to support on a skateboard, so there is an increased risk of losing balance and falling. On the other hand, if you are stunt riding in a skatepark, it is much easier to get injured on the scooter handlebars.

During high-speed rolling, such as a descent, the skateboard often wobbles with speed, which can cause crashes! The two-wheel design and rigid axles of the scooter make it more stable in terms of speed and will not sway.

Skateboard vs Scooter: What’s the Best Exercise?

Both skateboards and scooters require a kick to keep running, which is a great workout. A scooter is easier than a skateboard, but you can alternately push and move your legs to distribute the force to both sides of your body.

 As a result, the AB core muscles are more involved. Traveling on a skateboard usually takes more effort than traveling on a scooter.

Last word

After all, which is better for you, a skateboard or a scooter? If you (or your child) have strong balance skills and/or patient learners, the risk of falls is high, but skateboarding is challenging. Scooters, on the other hand, are a very fun, safe, and comfortable way to get around. If you choose to learn advanced street and park tricks, you will also have the opportunity to develop your skills.


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