Small Business SEO Strategies That’ll Help You Grow Your Brand

The ability of a company to help grow its brand and find a way to achieve success despite stiff competition will determine whether a business has what it takes to keep going. While it is already a challenging time for typical businesses to try to make their mark, it can feel like an overwhelmingly disadvantageous position for newer businesses that have yet to be tried and tested.

After all, what is expected of a newer business is the same as all other companies in the industry — to compete with all other businesses and find success. For a small business, it means trying to eke out a living despite larger, more popular companies finding ways to take the target audience away. While things are challenging, it is by no means an impossible feat, especially with the help of search engine optimization (SEO). The top SEO companies Las Vegas can provide newer companies with the advantages they need to find their place in a competitive industry.

That said, it is often not enough to depend fully on what professionals can do for a new business. As startup owners, it is their responsibility to push forward and learn about everything that could potentially grow their company. Here are just some small business SEO strategies that will help new owners grow their brands.

Starting with the website

If the business owner cannot make the most out of their primary website, there is little point in continuing with digital marketing in general. After all, when people click on links and adverts they will inevitably end up in the primary website. If people are not impressed by what they see, they will likely leave before visiting anything else — resulting in a higher bounce or abandonment rate. Even with a high amount of traffic, if the website is not optimized there is little that can be done to help.

Fortunately, making changes to the website based on the best possible SEO solutions on the market is a straightforward process, allowing even the most inexperienced business owner to build a roadmap for success starting with the primary website. A few tips include:

  • Keeping things short and sweet. As far as most of the content in a website (especially the main page), the idea is to keep things as short and to the point as possible. It would be a good idea to try to compress a company’s goals into as few words as possible and place it as a header to give online users an idea of what to expect. Not every online user is willing to give the company the time of day and spend the next minute trying to understand if the website is right for them. Keep things concise, and it will make things easier for everyone.
  • When to use long-form content. Ideally, making use of long-form content should be restricted to articles and blogs. There is no reason to keep going for a thousand or two thousand words unless the content is about the products and services rendered as a form of content marketing. Fortunately, long-form content has been gaining steam when it comes to the aforementioned articles/blogs. So long as the content is unique and relevant, most online users will appreciate the effort.
  • Keep loading times as low as possible. An easy way to keep loading times low would be to make sure that widgets and other unnecessary content are cut from the site. Keeping the website easy-to-navigate is often a great way to keep loading times low. It would also be wise to look into the resolution of the images used on any given page. If the image quality is too high, it could cause an unnecessary slowdown.

Why technical SEO matters

The top SEO companies Las Vegas are well-known for utilizing technical search engine optimization to help deal with a website’s infrastructure. While it might not have aesthetic benefits right off the bat, what technical SEO offers is a means of improving the overall infrastructure — making the company website that much easier for the Google algorithm to find and index. While it might not necessarily guarantee that anything the company does afterward will grant it a top spot in the Google rankings, the website infrastructure is set in such a way that best-practice methods are further enhanced.

The importance of user experience (UX)

Considering that the Google algorithm is the beating heart of the digital marketing industry, it is no wonder why so many businesses watch carefully for any big changes. It would be a good idea for small companies to do the same, as changes to the algorithm often mean opportunities to get ahead. In essence, Google updates level the playing field and allows various companies to rise to the top of the search rankings. Currently, the Google Page Experience Update is set to go live soon, which puts emphasis on companies that take the user experience seriously.

The UX of the target audience depends on how well a company optimizes its primary website. A good idea would be to put an emphasis on the mobile market, as many people prefer to use their smartphones to deal with various tasks. For a new company, there are few things better than focusing on the mobile platform of the primary website. Even if the browser side starts lagging behind, a focus on mobile is never a bad thing.

If a company is prepared to make changes and focus on the user experience and mobile market, it can be quite easy to manage a successful first year. The best part is that the company can still get the help of the top SEO companies in Las Vegas to get an extra push. The advantage that small companies have is that every little change can have impactful effects. From general website optimization to the advantages brought on by technical SEO, it is more than possible to forge a path ahead — even in a challenging and competitive industry filled to the brim with the competition.

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