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The word social media is unknown to none in this technologically equipped world. Social media is a very fast tool in today’s world. It is the best source of disseminating information from one person to another. In addition to this, one person can create hype regarding a particular subject on various social media sites. It will then definitely result in bringing about the change from the past. 

Media in the form of texts, videos, images, and documents are consumed by the audience. In the recent decade computers are the most used form to access social media. However, these days, mobile phones have revolutionized the lives of everyone belonging to any age group. 

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Types of Social Media

Take a flashback from the past and recall that social media is established due to the reason of increasing interaction among individuals living far from each other. The most commonly used tool known as Facebook was the initiative of Harvard school students. They developed the platform to stay in touch with their fellow members. So, here we are now interacting with everyone around the globe. 

In addition to Facebook, all other platforms are also designed to communicate with each other. Nevertheless, all such platforms are now highly engaged with the marketing of the products and services. Likewise, taking into view the statistics Instagram plays a key in supporting small businesses. Similarly, the Facebook business suit provides an option to initiate your small business with online shops. 

Advertising campaigns are run on social media to make people aware of the brands. Web directories can store and track the information of the visitors and then make them see the liked products over time and again. 

Twitter is no doubt a very common site to make trends and in a democratic and political situation both positive and negative. Ranging from important news and funny stuff, there is nothing left aside that Twitter has not touched as a trend.

The above-mentioned are not just the only types of socialmedia. Rather, it consists of many of the platforms that allow users to consume the media content differently. I recommend readings about Anderson Cooper and Nick Gamache Of Ottawa


Use of Social Media 

Social media has its positive and negative use irrespective of the content that is shared on the platforms. The one who is operating the platform needs to be a keen observer of what is right or wrong. No one can accept that text, image, or video that passes through his eyes. 

So, acquiring a higher knowledge of all the happenings from other various sources to know about the validity of the material is necessary.

Final Thoughts 

Life without socialmedia is usually unimaginable. From toddlers to adults everyone looks into their mobile phones now and then. inside their mobiles is this social media that is grabbing the attention of everyone that much. 

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