Star Wars game attracts new players during the pandemic

Game In this age of social distancing and mental-health strains due to the coronavirus pandemic, gamers have always had a tool that’s now attracting new users, especially those who had never held a controller before.

According to a survey, the online gaming industry witnessed significant growth during the peak of the pandemic with one-third of subscribing to an online gaming service for the first time in their lives. The sudden interest in online games can easily be attributed to the much-needed connection due to the growing anxiety and uncertainty of being stuck in isolation.

Based on the popular franchise, Star Wars X-Wing Fighter is one game that has attracted numerous players during the pandemic due to the entertaining and immersive feeling of being in outer-space combat.

The game starts with a load screen that eventually welcomes users to an interface that shows the familiar faces of Hans Solo, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Stormtroopers and BB-8. For fans of the Star Wars franchise, this builds up the excitement before you take control of a fighter aircraft shooting laser beams at competing ships in space.

The game is easy to play, fast paced, and tons of fun. Not only can you have one on one light sabre battles between the Jedi and the Sith, but you also get to take control of massive ground battles. This is an exciting new feature that allows you to recreate the epic battles from both the moves and the animated series.

There is another new feature called SceneSwap that allows you to take control of several different teams at the same time that work together to complete various objectives, this adds a whole new dimension to the game, and while it may be slightly too difficult for the little kids, it definitely makes the game more enjoyable for older fans.

Just like in other Lego Star Wars games, there is plenty of light sabre fun, however, Lego Star Wars 3 introduces new lightsabre moves, like cutting, throwing, and even climbing! you can also pick up and throw enemies, basically using them as weapons against themselves.

There are plenty of classic characters like Darth Vader, and Chewbacca, to keep the original fans happy. However there are also some new ones that come into the game, particularly during the all new Boss Battles which incorporates big bosses from the animated series like, Gor, and the Zillo Beast.

The gameplay has also been improved with much greater control over the characters and their environments than previous LEGO games. If you enjoy playing in multi player mode, or have to include the rest of your family in your game time, then you will really like the dynamic slit screen mode that allows your friends to jump in and out of the game as they please.

All in all the game is great to play, not only is it easy to set started and hooked, it has excellent animation, great graphics, and some pretty cool video interludes. One os the things that I like best about this game is that it is aimed at the whole family, so you know there are no surprises for little Johnny to find when you aren’t looking. It si good clean fun, even when you kill the bad guys they just fall into smaller pieces of LEGO, there is no blood or guts involved!

The aim of the game is to avoid your enemies’ rockets, bullets and lasers and with fairly easy control—using the mouse or arrow keys to move your fighter jet vertically and horizontally—doing this shouldn’t pose that much of a challenge. Though the battle gets tougher as your progress through the game.

The sound effects and graphics in this game are quite impressive and players can easily lose track of daylight due to how entertaining this game can be. Star Wars X-Wing Fighter is suitable for both children and adults and works fluidly on any web browser.

For most people, the COVID-19 induced isolation has become a blessing in disguise. The extra time available now allows more people to cultivate hobbies outside of work and enjoy the thrills of online gaming.

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