Style your tables

Style your tables in these ways to make them look chic

There are some pieces of furniture that are unavoidable. Tables are one such piece that we cannot do without no matter the size of the apartment. Whether it is a dining table, a coffee table, or your work table, making them look cozy takes very little effort. You can decorate these surfaces to complement the room and add an extra oomph to the room. The alignment and decoration of tables affect the vibe and impression you want to make. For example, you are going for a sleek and contemporary console table then you may want to leave the table empty and not take the attention away from the angles and finish of the table.

Here are a few ways you can decorate some of the tables in the house.

The dining table

The dining table can be covered with various items starting from fruit to decorative wreaths and candles. The festive look is incomplete without the dining table being filled with a cornucopia of ornaments and festive foods. The dining table is the hub of activity, chaos, fun, and frolic, and the table can be decorated with fresh flowers, dried flowers, small potted plants, decorative cutlery, and cruet sets.

Work table

There was a time when there was no dedicated work table and the computer table was the only workstation in the house. If you are thinking of decorating your work table then you can look at some functional items that will improve your workstation. A calendar, an organizer, a notepad, a penholder, are some examples of what you can get on your table. Apart from this, a board to keep pinning your ideas and your appointments can be helpful too.

Coffee Table

The one that is viewed by visitors the most is the coffee table. This table has multiple uses and is generally placed in the living area surrounded by the sofa and chairs. This is the prime spot in your house to display an artifact and use your best table decorations. A flower vase, a small pot, or un can look beautiful combined with a mat that adds texture. The shape of the mat should complement the shape of the table.

Side Table

Whether it is tucked away in a corner in your bedroom or standing as an accessory in your living area, a side table is one of the most useful tables. They add a convenience factor to corners that need support. For example, a side table can contain night essentials and a lamp at the corner of a bed. In a living area, a side table can be used by guests and hosts alike to keep drinks and food when they can’t reach the coffee table. These can be used to keep small decorative items too.

Decorating the table is a personal choice and depends completely on the rest of the décor and the person. They can be used in many ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house.

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