Sustainability and responsibility

Plastic waste in the world’s oceans, enormous CO2 emissions, and shrinking ice glaciers – environmental protection and climate change have been on everyone’s lips ever since the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg started her Fridays for Future initiative. For our planet and our descendants to have a future, it is essential to deal responsibly with the environment and the available resources. Sustainability, energy efficiency, and eco-design can help lay the foundation for a green future – this also applies to the accommodation industry.


The hotel industry of the future is green

The hotel industry is one of the highest energy consumers. Their CO2 emissions are not exactly low either. However, you can counteract this with green solutions because modern accommodation can also be sustainable and energy-efficient – thanks to eco-design. Even small things can help. The use of long-lasting and economical LEDs, for example, can reduce electricity consumption enormously. With beds made of recycled materials, the environment can be relieved. You can also protect the environment and resources when choosing mattresses by opting for environmentally-friendly mattresses. Mattresses made of materials such as organic natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool are not the only kind to the environment, but can also offer enormous sleeping comfort. At the same time, the natural materials are often healthier and better tolerated, so people can sleep better and more restfully. Sustainability also means getting new mattresses less often. This is where a mobile mattress cleaning service from Medi-Clean can help. In no time at all, a mattress can be sterilized and cleaned. You can also contribute to environmental protection with towels made of organic cotton. The same applies to sheets and pillows.


A sustainable overnight stay and a lasting sense of well-being

Numerous hotels are leading the way and now run their operations in a climate-neutral or even climate-positive way. With a little creativity, energy efficiency and sustainability can be brought into every hotel operation without guests having to do anything because of it. Instead of plastic packaging, glass packaging can be used. This not only protects the environment but also looks more attractive. Contemporary glazing and an up-to-date heating system can have a positive effect on the energy balance. Carpets and upholstery made of natural materials do not necessarily have to be replaced regularly. Careful carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning can remove soiling and make a new purchase unnecessary. In the long term, abandoning the throwaway mentality in favor of reuse can not only reduce pollution but also lower costs.

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