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Take these steps after an uninsured motorist accident in Seattle

An auto accident with an uninsured motorist can make you feel challenged to pay for your losses without assistance. There are many drivers on the road without insurance or underinsurance as they think they do not need it. However, an uninsured motorist accident lawyer can help you understand your situation and provide legal options.

If you have expert guidance immediately after the accident, you will be in a much better place for compensation. There are a few steps that you can take to build your case. Specific evidence play a vital role in the investigation.

1) Have data in place of what exactly happened at the accident site.

2) Police officials will have the details of the damage caused to each vehicle

3) Insurance claims with your provider

4) Video footage of the accident if any.

5) Eyewitness as evidence for details of the accident

So once you have this detailed evidence in place, figuring out a compensation value becomes easier. You can include the below options for compensation after an uninsured car accident:

– Damage to the vehicle, the value of the car, cost for the repair, and cost to compensate for any property damage during the accident

-Immediate medical expense after the accident

-Medical expense for future treatment due to the accident

-Pain and suffering

-Compensation for the loss of income or loss of opportunity for employment due to the accident

-Physical therapy is necessary to get back to normal day to day activities

-Wrongful death 

A car accident lawyer would help you evaluate your case and get the best possible outcome from it.

How to handle an accident scene out of the court?

You might think of dealing with an accident outside of court to save time, but a driver driving uninsured may not have the means to compensate you for the accident. Here a lawyer can work with you in or out of the court. 

Suppose the driver is ready to compensate you for the accident. In that case, your lawyer can review the settlement offer and choose to negotiate or deny it if it does not cover your damages. 

In some scenarios, the driver may not choose to revert to your calls after the accident unless you take legal action against him.


Make sure you have the details in place during the accident and in case of no revert from the driver for compensation outside of court. These details would make your work easy.

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