Team Building Activities: Breaks the Ice and Builds the Team

We have all walked to our first day of school and seen how fascinating it is, yet equally overwhelming. This mixture of feelings can overpower someone and make a halt to the communication lines with fellow people. And simply walking in and asking ‘How is everyone?’ may not be the best possible way to begin a day. Rather, one will have to take a step closer, break the tension and ease the atmosphere.

Experts believe that the best ice breakers have the power to strengthen the bond, stimulate brainstorming sessions and even develop an atmosphere of inclusivity. These have been fully incorporated in the business world of the metropolitan cities of the world, like Dubai, UAE. As easy as it may sound, it is equally difficult, and a slight move to the left brings up an awkward tension.

While one may have heard most of the team building activities in school, they reach far beyond them. It is the first step towards hosting a successful workplace meeting and allows the attendees to get to know each other. In doing so, they can bond together and share the team spirit. It embarks the way for enhanced productivity and work performance.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at them in detail and see how their utilization can spark innovation and teamwork.

Team Puzzle

While this may sound child-like but it will make your mind exercise like anything. The host can get a 500-piece puzzle set or any brain teaser that requires thinking and brainstorming out loud. Make two teams and time the game. The first one to make the most out of it wins.

In addition to this, one can ask the team members about their experience. Ask them about the strategy included and the role carried out by every team. It opens up new perspectives and even conversational lines for everyone to follow and share their point.

Brainstorming Session

Team building activities in Dubai ensure absolute work performance, also visible from its stable business landscape. By incorporating the work-related brainstorming session, one can come up with bigger and better ideas for improving the team goals and accomplishing the set KPIs. You will never know what fascinating ideas can come up for the newest marketing campaigns. Whatever the goal is, incorporation of the brainstorming sessions can add great value to it.

Set up an Idea Board

The simplest form of brainstorming. Give everyone an agenda ahead of time, and have them come to the meeting with three to five ideas. Talk through them, and have people contribute additional thoughts, questions, or concerns.

Went Well, OK, or Could Have Done Better

Have everyone jot down their version of things that they believe went well, things they believe went OK, and things that didn’t go well or could have been done better. Then sort all of these ideas into this list. Once all the ideas are on the table, talk through them and come up with potential solutions to the problem areas.

Untie the Human Knot

This is the most fun game and usually the heart of most of the training and orientation events. In this activity, all of the attendees come forth and try to solve a problem. Everyone comes together and holds the hand of the other person who is not directly next to them. The goal is to untangle all the locks without breaking the chain. It requires some legroom to crawl over each other. It makes a fun puzzle, but make sure that the attendees are comfortable holding hands in office culture.

Give Out Blind Directions

Pair team members up and have one put on a blindfold. The other team member’s job is to direct them in making moves as best they can, whether that’s getting them to the other side of the office or having them complete a task like moving an object or drawing a picture. This activity helps practice communication lines and build trust among people.

Do a Silent Line-Up

This is a fun and quiet game. The host sets up a timer, and has people line up in various orders, say, by height, birthday, or company tenure—without saying a word. This is interesting, yet requires your team members to learn a bit about each other while overcoming the unusual challenge of not communicating during the game.

Lunch and Learn

People are full of surprises and unspoken talent. But knowing them brings the team together. Hosting lunch and getting to know each other is a great way to do that. You will never know that someone is a great pastry chef, or can speak a different language. Such activity allows the team members to learn something new and exciting about their peers.

Building The Team Up

Hosting such team activities is a viable way to break the ice, and help people develop a bond with fellow members. These are commonly used for all ages and have proved to develop connections with fellow members inside and outside the work and educational environment. More so, these are also the first activities of nature camps in Dubai. All of them work to build the team strength and spirit and become one unit.

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