The 7 New Dress Designs Your Boutique Needs


There are so numerous different types of dress designs out there, that it’s ideal to keep all of them in stock! Then’s your ultimate companion with all the details.


Women everyplace, indeed the bones working from home, are ready to get back to wearing a swish wardrobe — no further athleisure to attend online meetings. No more jeans and tees to meet musketeers for happy hour. No more rubbery yoga pants and hoodies. Women are ready to be trendy and creative. Women are ready to be women again. They want to release their inner fashion queen.

One way to do this is with dress designs in trendy new colors.


New Colors for Fashion

The Pantone Color Institute reports color mixtures are a big thing this time. Their top colors of the season include Mykonos blue, which reminds you of being on the ocean. Illuminating unheroic and Ultimate gray are the 2021 colors of the time. Leprechaun green, Fuchsia Fedora, and Pale Ensign are colors that top apparel contrivers will use.


Adobe, a terra cotta complexion tone, and Fire Whirl red give you a Southwestern vibe. Other colors that will transport you to another place include the bluish-grandiloquent Rhodonite, blue Spring Lake, Root Beer, Coconut Cream, Soybean, and Olive Branch.


Do n’t forget about black. It’ll always be a must- have color, especially for dresses in your exchange.


Now that you’re allowing of trending colors, let’s talk dress designs. Below are 7 of your exchange needs.


  1. Little Black Dress Designs

LBD, or little black dress, could be the most protean wardrobe piece that should be on the racks in every exchange nationwide. Women of all sizes love the little black dress, and Coco Chanel’s vulgarized little black dress is simple and can be dressed up or down to match the occasion.


Buying wholesale jumpsuits for your exchange, you need to find the most adaptable black dresses for the right price. We recommend buying three black dress options, and a Maxi and Mini black dress are must- plutocrats. The third dress can have further faculty, like our solid black dress with a detailed strip neckline and smocked midriff.

  1. Bodycon Dress Designs

Bodycon, short for body-conscious or body contouring, was popular in the nineties and is making a comeback moment. They’re also called “ girth dresses” worn by women ready to show off their womanlike features. The material is rubbery and conforms to thebody.However, this dress will help you do it, If there’s commodity you want to show off.


Choosing the right bodycon dresses for your guests does n’t have to be grueling, and your primary thing is to boost her tone- regard and empowerand professionally. Consider buying wholesale dresses to meets the requirements of women of all heights. Popular bodycon dresses at FondMart include the varicolored sequin and the long-sleeve with side stripe.


  1. Club Dress Designs

Now that going to a café is a real thing again, it’s essential to know what everyone is wearing. Club dresses are hot right now. Let’s face it, indeed women who do n’t go to the club too frequently need a club dress. They need to have access to a sexy, delightful dress they can slip on for that spur-of-the- moment spin with musketeers. The club dress is form-fitting but not so tight you can’t show off your frenetic cotillion chops.

Club dresses are both kittenish and majestic. A perfect illustration of this is our solid mauve dress with a strappy tie open back. Also, our red velvet midi sleeveless dress. Suppose Fire Whirl red. It’s a huge megahit.


  1. Blend Dress Designs

Don’t confuse the blend dress with the club dress unless you do n’t mind getting the side- eye or the up and down aspect from other women at the event. Blend dresses are forsemi-formal and formal events, like marriages. Some of the stylish blend dresses are knee- length paired with high heels and just the right quantum of jewelry.


Sophisticated fineness is what you want to give to your guests. When buying wholesale, look for high- quality fabrics that will last times. For the women who want further than a little black blend dress, give them commodity that pops. For illustration, FondMart’s long sleeve flowery mini dress. It has a black background with flowers in the colors that act the new trends of Fuchsia Fedora.


  1. Pencil Line Dress Designs

Whether your guests are working from home or back at the office, there are times when they need a professional appearance. What a woman wears influences her confidence, and the pencil line dress shows leadership and intelligence while still showcasing feminity.


A popular pencil line dresses bought by other FondMart exchange possessors is our olive dress with a belted midriff and four- button front.

  1. White Dress Designs

It’s only white shoes you can’t wear after labor day, right? Trends are changing, and the white dress is getting a chief in further than just the Summer season. Wearing a white dress in Fall or Downtime is respectable, and you can help your guests see the benefits. You have multitudinous display options using a white dress as the base, and you can dress it in jewelry, scarves, kirtles, jackets, belts, sweaters, and accessories.


You have the occasion to move your guests that White is a good choice all time long.


  1. Maxi Dress Designs

Maxi dresses are long and flowing. They’re the go-to dress for your guests who need to look good but feel comfortable. Maxis are protean and can be concentrated under sweaters and jackets in colder months. FondMart has a vast variety of maxi dresses, from patterned side gashes to beast print halters.

Our most popular is the mauve savant tie- color, side tear, round verge maxi with inseam pockets. Women can wear it casually with oil lurkers or dress it up with strappy sandals.



Guests want dress designs that are trendy, flattering, high- quality, and affordable. Working with the right wholesale supplier, you can give all of these in your exchange. At FondMart, we want your guests to look and feel fabulous in every item of apparel they buy. Working together, we can put together the perfect selection of dress designs for your exchange.

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