The Benefits of Outsourcing Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

A Company Secretary is responsible for all the duties that affect the functioning of a company. Hiring a full-time or part-time company is usually costly and might reduce the amount of profit a company earns. However, nowadays many MultiNational Companies are outsourcing to secretarial services in Hong Kong that offer all kinds of secretarial services just like a Company Secretary offers. 

Before we discuss further the services provided by these agencies, let us understand what a Company Secretary actually does in a company. 


Responsibilities of Company Secretary(CS)

A Company Secretary is a senior position in a private firm. He/She is responsible for the effective and efficient administration of a company. A CS ensures that all kinds of statutory and regulatory requirements are fulfilled. Right from the incorporation of a company, the work of a Company Secretary is to ensure that all the orders and decisions taken by the Board of Directors are implemented in the interest of the organization.

A CS is also responsible to ensure that all the activities executed in the company are in accordance with the rules and regulations as defined by the regulating authorities in the country. Particularly in Hong Kong, the role and demand of a Company Secretary have witnessed a sudden surge after an increase in the number of large scale enterprises in the city. 

Apart from all the other activities, a CS has to look after all the legal documents of a company that is in compliance with corporate governance and other regulations. In short, a Company or Corporate Secretary is responsible for doing all those tasks that ensure the smooth running of an organization. 


3E Accounting Hong Kong

Companies already spend huge amounts on recurring operating activities that ultimately result in the reduction of their profits. However, outsourcing these services will ensure the reduction in expenses. 3E Accounting Limited is a corporate service provider in Hong Kong and provides an array of services that are offered by a Company Secretary. 

Apart from providing Secretarial Services, this firm is a company formation specialist in Hong Kong. 3E Accounting also helps companies to set up their branch or business in Hong Kong by fulfilling all kinds of services that might be required during the incorporation of a company. If you are looking to outsource secretarial services, 3E Accounting is the best option as it is both cost-effective and a trusted agency in Hong Kong.

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