The best free VPNs to browse privately and securely

If you are looking to browse the Internet anonymously or want to bypass geographical restrictions when accessing a web page, you can do so without paying for it. We have compiled the iTop VPN gratis per PC that you can use on both computers and mobile phones, which will not cost you anything.

What is a VPN

What is a VPN, and what is it uses for? Its acronym means Virtual PrivateNetwork or Virtual Private Network in our language. It is an online service that can use to hide your actual IP address. It allows you to access restricted or blocked content based on your geographical position or the operator, even for pages that are not entirely legal, or to access downloads. Traffic encryption also allows you to protect your data when you browse the Internet. They may be the best solution if you are connected to a public Internet connection.

This service uses a server and a client. You install your client on your device, mobile, or computer, which is used to connect to this server.  


Using iTop VPN  has all kinds of advantages, but the main one is to keep you private when you browse the Internet and protect your activities. You can access restricted content from anywhere with iTop VPN sicura. Some of the advantages of using a free private network are:

  • Hide your IP

You can access websites or applications without displaying your public IPYou will not show your identity no matter what you visit on the Internet. Hackers will not be able to discover your data or your IP address. You will be able to navigate with much more security and privacy.

  • Change the IP address.

It is the most practical and easy way to use an IP address from another country if you need it to access a service or bypass geo-blocks that are not available in your country. You are also interested if you need to change this data for some other reason.

  • unlock pages

You will be able to bypass filters or access sites that may block if you don’t have one of these options installed. You will be able to avoid the possible firewalls if you are in areas with restrictions, such as China, for example, a country in which the government censors some pages. It also allows us to access the Netflix, HBO, or Disney+ streaming catalog in another region because you are interested in one of its contents.

  • Greater security

All documents and files are protected or encrypted when you connect to the Internet using any iTop VPN service. It is essential when connecting to a public WiFi network since it will save all the data or information you are using from that connection. Thus, you will prevent some cybercriminal from getting hold of your data and using it to the detriment that it would entail.

  • Fast connection

You can quickly connect or disconnect with a single button to use it only when you need it and not always. Thus, only you decide how and when without any obligation or unnecessary payment.

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