The Brilliance of Type C Charger


Get ready to enjoy the amazing type c charger that is revolutionizing how you will charge your device. Gone are the days when the charging cable had to be plugged in a certain way for it to charge. With the type C charger, you will experience amazing speeds and functionality, unlike what most users have seen. The type C charging cord is revolutionizing how Android users charge their phones. This is an amazing design. We can all assume that the type C charger will completely change how we perceive a small portable charger for all devices.


Advantages of Type C Charger

Summarising all the benefits of getting a type C chord are as follows:

  • It has a much more compact design than its predecessors

USB type C has considerably smaller with which is almost half the width of any standard USB connector. Its height is also one-third, and if you compared it to apple’s lightning on a micro USB connector, you would see the difference is negligible. This makes it quite portable and manageable for our modern, fast-paced lifestyle.


  • It does not matter which way you plug it in

This is one of the major reasons why people love type C charges. Like its predecessor- the older USB B cable, it does not matter which side is up to plug it in. In the type C plug, you can insert the cord anyway you want. No more do you have to fumble in the dark and keep failing to plug the charger in properly. Also gone are the days when you wake up in the morning and find that you did not plug the charger incorrectly as it was upside down. With the help of the type c charger, this whole process is easier.


  • It has a brilliant speed

Type c USB can transfer data at brilliant speeds. It can transfer up to 10 gigabytes per second. The moment you switch between the older USB port and the type c one, you will be amazed at what an incredible change this brings.


  • It is incredibly powerful

This new type c charger can provide up to 100 Watts of power. This is enough to event charge the laptop. Therefore, you will find that most high-end smartphones are not switching to type C chargers with their smart charging options.


  • It is quite flexible

The type C chord is quite flexible as with the help of adaptors, and users will be able to connect older devices to type C ports. You can even use devices that use non USB ports like VGA and Ethernet as long as you have the correct adaptor.



Upgrading to a USB c type charger is an amazing thing. It is not just android but also making waves on the new versions of MacBooks as well as some mobile devices. Type c charges are now available with most smartphones, bringing the myriad advantages over the USB B chord with themselves. Charge your device is more quickly and efficiently with the type c charger as you welcome the latest upgrade in charging technology.

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