The Increasing Numbers Of Phishing Attacks A Point Of Concern


We all have repeatedly heard the phrase that the world is becoming a global village and it is hundred percent true. Who would have dreamed that a person sitting in china could communicate with a person in the USA or Denmark in the hundredth part of a second. This is a true milestone achieved by the communication industry and all hats off to the progress of science that made it possible. But although this factor has its benefits but on the other hand, now we are becoming vulnerable to the attacks of the tricksters more than ever. The intensity of the attacks is increased because now there are new platforms of mischiefs available. So, the hackers do not leave any second free and make the lives of the public miserable with phishing attacks.

The Increased Numbers Of Phishing Attacks

The intensity of phishing attacks is increasing constantly, and their numbers are surprisingly high. Although the brains of science had anticipated this aspect, but this extent was not even visible in their dreams. Most people who do not have any knowledge about such scenarios fall prey to these phishing attacks. Since the world was on the verge of innovation and a completely new era started so people were not aware of how to make themselves compatible with these situations. Such times are the prime times for fraudulent activities hence we are witnessing constant phishing attacks that require phishing protection. The mailboxes are filled with hundreds of fraudulent emails. Sometimes a person can identify such activities but most of the time it becomes difficult for a person to identify these phishing attacks because the scammers on the back end hide themselves under the coats of legitimacy.

The Reasons For The Increase In Phishing Attacks

Although we can count numerous reasons for the success of phishing attacks but some of the reasons are more important and effective than others. We have enlisted some of these reasons below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • The users who are not well aware of the security measures and the security protocols easily fall prey to phishing attacks.
  • One of the most important reasons is that the minds behind these phishing attacks are not illiterate in fact they are well educated and this factor combined with their criminal intelligence makes them more dangerous and effective.
  • People are not exhibiting the factor of due diligence and they are avoiding security protocols hence they suffer the loss in the end.
  • The phishing tools are easier to get, and this increases their use hence increasing the circle of their operation.
  • The numerous malwares make the security of the operating systems obsolete because the newly developed malwares have the capability of bypassing the security firewalls of most of the operating systems.

How To Combat These Phishing Attacks

The combat with the phishing attacks will not be fruitful until or unless a person makes use of the strategy that is well-devised and have all security points included and also covers a variety of types of phishing attacks. Since these attacks are ethically wrong so the authorities are also very active to combat them and put a full stop to this story. Secondly making people aware of the different malwares and phishing techniques and softwares such as DNS Filtering that prove fruitful. This step will produce both long-term and short-term effects. People must know the phishing techniques that are most commonly used by scammers and hackers. In this way, if they exhibit due diligence, they will be able to avoid such scenarios.

The Ways To Limit The Growing Numbers Of Phishing Attacks

The combating of phishing attacks and limiting them are two separate phenomena. In the limitation of these attacks, we ensure that their intensity is reduced and their effects on society are minimalized. Some of these methods are enlisted below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Letting the authorities know about any phishing attack will help them in catching the perpetrator in time and making recovery.
  • Spreading awareness through general methods and accessing more crowds will help in reducing the number of people vulnerable to such attacks.
  • Applying strong security measures such as DNS Web filtering and not giving out personal information will be a big blow to the attackers behind these phishing scams.


Phishing attacks are successful because they exploit the innocence and ignorance of the people. So if we can make people aware of some precautionary measures then it will be a big step in the progress of society.

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