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Marketing O’Clock, the marketing podcast by Search Engine Journal covered all the digital marketing news of the week. The podcast was hosted by Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld. They talked about the new shopping features on Facebook and Instagram, Google career certificate courses, and more. Check out Brainvire`s Digital marketing services.

Instagram Checkout & Facebook Shops

The Facebook and Instagram Checkout store will expand to all American companies and developers.

Merchants can manage their Facebook and Instagram stores through one online store.

The store will be integrated with Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger, so retailers can help customers shop through the app. They also announced the release of live shoppable videos on both apps.

The company points to rapid breakthroughs in online shopping. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the transition to online shopping has increased rapidly. About 85% of the world’s population is already shopping online.

They want to make shopping easier for people and enable everyone, from entrepreneurs to the biggest brands, to use their apps to connect with customers and grow their business.

Here’s more about the new ways for customers to shop, and the new tools for businesses to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

Shopping Tab

There’s a new ‘Shop’ tab in the mobile app where users can discover businesses and shop for products.

A complimentary shopping destination was launched this past July, called Instagram Shop.

The new customization features coming to Facebook Shops include:

  • New design layouts for featuring single products or groups of products in Shops
  • Real-time preview of collections as they are designed
  • The ability to automatically create Shops for new sellers
  • New insights to measure results in Commerce Manager

Instagram Checkout

All eligible US companies will soon be able to use Instagram Checkout.

This allows customers to browse the product catalog and make purchases without leaving the Instagram app. Now you can even view instagram without account easily.

To use Instagram Checkout, companies must have a Facebook Store and use a Facebook Commerce Manager.

Businesses also qualify for Instagram Checkout when using Shopify or BigCommerce.

There will be no sales costs until the end of the year to help the company cut costs.

Shopping via Messaging

The new Facebook Store Message button allows users to send business messages via Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct.

Customers can even browse products in chat. From there, they can share it with friends and family to ask their opinion before buying.

Business news combines the in-store experience of asking sellers questions with the convenience of online shopping. Communication allows businesses to offer personalized assistance so customers can make more informed decisions about their purchases.

This feature is now being tested on Messenger and Instagram Direct and will soon be tested on WhatsApp.

Shopping through Facebook and Instagram Live

Facebook allows companies to sell products during a live stream. Facebook Live Shopping offers features that make it easier for companies to create a hands-on shopping experience.

During the stream, companies can present products from their stores and sell them directly from the video.

Instagram Live Shopping extends to all businesses and developers using Instagram Checkout in the United States.

Google Career Certificates

Google announced a six-month professional certification program for careers in Data Analyst, Project Manager, and Digital Marketing.

This new program will help job seekers speed up their job search, regardless of their education or formal experience.

What is a Google Career Certificate?

A Google Career Certificate is a certificate issued by Google that confirms a person’s knowledge of a particular skill. Google career certificates are available to all US citizens regardless of their work experience or education. The courses required to be certified are fully developed by Google and hosted by Coursera.

Access to Google’s Coursera certification program costs $49 per month. Scholarships and grants are provided for those in need. The monthly fee also provides access to resources that can assist in job search and interview preparation. The total cost of each course will vary based on how long it takes each person to complete.

What do the Certificates Teach?

The 3 courses include the following-

  • Data Analyst ($ 66,000 Average Annual Salary): Learn how to use tools and platforms to process, analyze, visualize, and gain insights from data.
  • Project Manager (Average Annual Salary $ 93,000): Learn the basics of traditional project management and get an idea of ​​agile project management.
  • UX Designer ($ 75,000 Average Annual Salary): Learn the basics of UX design and research, build low-fidelity projects and wireframe, prototype, and test with high accuracy.

Google is committed to recruiting certificate holders and maybe even sending information directly to the top employers for work.

Getting a certificate is an important first step and you will be supported in the next step – job search. Once you have completed the program, you can share your information directly with the best hiring companies in this area. Hundreds of training opportunities are offered on Google for people who have completed professional certification programs for on-the-job training Digital Marketing.

Apple Might Launch A Search Engine

Spotlight search changes in iOS and iPadOS 14 beta, major updates to Applebot’s support page, and increased browsing of AppleBot mean Apple may launch a search engine soon.

Given the impact of pre-installs and defaults on mobile devices and Apple’s significant market share, it is possible to believe that Apple’s existing agreement with Google constitutes a significant barrier to entry and expansion for competitors affecting competition between mobile search engines.

iOS and iPadOS 14 beta bypasses Google Search with Spotlight Search

It’s unclear whether Apple is already using Bing, as the results are marked as suggestions for Siri only. Apparently, Apple has started returning search results to Spotlight Search and bypassing Google completely.

Apple recently updated its Applebot web crawler page

In July 2020, Apple released a major update to its support page for Applebot. Add-ons are very similar to the details Google provides webmasters and SEOs. Here are the changes they made to the Applebot support page.

  • Added a way to check traffic from Applebot
  • Full details about the Applebot user agent, including differences between desktop and mobile versions
  • Extended rules for robots.txt
  • Added a section that says they are not only crawling HTML, they are also displaying pages similar to Google
  • The part that is added to the search rankings and the factors that influence the ranking of web search results

What will an Apple Search Work Like?

With multiple job descriptions as a search engine engineer and ongoing consolidation of network and application results in Spotlight Search, Apple’s search engine will likely serve as a highly customizable data center. It will be similar to the Google Assistant on Android, but different in that it won’t show any ads (initially), it will be completely personal, and there will be much deeper integration with the OS.

One can imagine the easy retrieval of users when they take advantage of their privacy, seamless integration, and personalization of iCloud data. Apple can use AI and ML to serve search results based on email, messages, maps, events, reminders, notes, photos, files, contacts, music, news, TV shows and movies, third-party apps, documents, and Digital Marketing. And that’s without ads and with the real promise of data protection.

Short- format videos making a debut on Google Discover

TikTok has been or is in the process of being banned in some countries. This has resulted in new or existing services trying to replicate its success, while Google Discover is now directly highlighting “Short videos.”

Discover appears to the left of most Android home screens or in the Google app, which is also available on iOS. It’s a feed mostly comprised of articles related to your interests, while YouTube videos, the weather, and sports scores also appear. Reaching hundreds of millions of users every month, Discover also shows AMP content.

Google is now also surfacing a carousel of “Short videos.” This is distinctly different from the one for Accelerated Mobile Pages “Stories” that were spotted in June.

Summing Up…

So, here’s the roundup of all the latest Digital Marketing news in the world. Check back in for more!

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