The method of getting US Visa for Austrian and Belgian Citizens

Applicants of this nationality should first get their ESTA application approved by Homeland Security before applying for a visa to the United States. Once approved, they must also take the COVID-19 PCR test. Form DS-160 must also be completed and submitted to the U.S. government. Applicants of this nationality may also apply for an online nonimmigrant visa.

ESTA application

The ESTA application process has changed. Instead of a standard visa application, citizens of the EU and countries with a low-risk immigration history may now apply for a waiver program. Those who qualify must have onward travel tickets, be residents of Canada or one of the Caribbean islands, and have financial means to support themselves during their stay. Citizens of other European countries are exempt and are required to pay the I-94W border fee, which will remain at the same level through October 2022. There are certain exceptions to the visa waiver program, including military personnel, diplomats, and travelers with certain types of criminal records.

US Visa for Austrian citizens who plan to visit the United States must apply for ESTA authorization before they leave their country. ESTA, or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, is an online application that must be submitted 72 hours before departure. ESTA registration forms can be filled out on any computer with internet access. The ESTA application process is quick and easy to complete, and you can complete it at any time.

COVID-19 PCR test

The CDC has determined that Austria and Belgium have high COVID-19 levels and the US Visa will not grant an entry without a COVID-19 PCR test. The CDC has updated its Travel Health Information page to make sure you are fully informed about the requirements for a COVID-19 test and the importance of this test. The CDC recommends that you take a COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of your planned entry into the US.

The PCR test is generally the most acceptable. Unlike the antigen test, it can detect even minute amounts of COVID virus. For this reason, it is important to arrange a COVID test at least 3 days before departure. Covid tests are usually paid at a private clinic, although some countries offer them for free to tourists. However, there is a growing concern that fake certificates are being circulated.

Form DS-160

If you are getting US Visa for Belgian Citizens, you must submit Form DS-160. This form must be filled out entirely in English. If you fail to do so, your application may be rejected and you will have to start over. Make sure that all of the questions on the form are answered completely. The Embassy or Consulate that you are applying to must have the same contact information as the one you are using for the interview.

After you have filled out the form, you will receive a confirmation number. If you do not receive this number, you need to print your photo and attach it to your form. You must have the right photo format. You can find the correct photo format by visiting the Nonimmigrant Photograph Requirements page. If you are unable to print the photo, you may have to reschedule your visa interview. You can still retrieve your failed application and make changes to the information on it.

Online nonimmigrant visa application

The EU’s rules for travel will remain unchanged for at least the next two years after the UK leaves the European Union. For citizens of the Schengen Area, such as the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium, the rules for entry and stay will remain unchanged until the end of 2020. The exception to this rule is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport, which is not subject to visa requirements.


A nonimmigrant visa for Austria is available to citizens of Belgium and other countries. The visa is valid for a period of 90 days for Austrian and Belgian citizens and can be renewed online. If you plan to stay longer than 90 days, you may have to submit additional documents to the Austrian embassy. You should also have a flight ticket to your final destination if you want to visit Austria without a visa.

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