Things You Should Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

The craze for lab-grown diamonds has been growing and for good reason as well! Diamonds are timeless, and now that they can be grown in labs and mass-produced to cater to demands, more people have the opportunity to get theirs because of attractively low prices. To get yours, just look for stores under man made diamonds nz or consult a professional. Not sure what all the hype is about? Well, keep reading to gain some useful insight on what lab-grown diamonds offer and you might just take a keen interest!

They Are Real

Lab-grown diamonds are in no way, shape or form, fake! They are the real deal, made from the very same elements as natural diamonds and they are structurally exactly the same as those that grow under the earth’s surface. These diamonds are most commonly grown by a process known as Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD, in laboratories. It starts off with a sliver of a diamond known as a diamond seed that gradually grows into a full diamond as more carbon collects on its surface to form a diamond of the desired size.

They Are Ethically Produced

A key benefit of lab-grown diamonds is how they are sourced, which is often the most attractive feature to people. They are made entirely in the lab, under conditions that mimic that of the earth to produce the gem. To get more details of how they are helping curb the unethical mining process, you could find the information on sites by checking for lab grown diamonds UK.

They Are Produced Faster

Natural diamonds take millions of years to form, whereas a lab-grown diamond of the same size and characteristics can be formed within a matter of a month! This allows for more production and more diamonds available on the market, another reason that the price is so low!

They Look Stunning

Although these gems are grown under the supervision of a lab, they are in no way, lacking in terms of visuals. Oftentimes, those grown in a lab tend to show fewer defects than those in nature, offering higher clarity. They glitter just the same and you can’t tell the difference between a man-made and a natural diamond without professional equipment.

Have we convinced you yet? If we have, then we hope you have a great time shopping for your first (or next!) diamond!

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