This is why vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends placing the overhead tank in the south west zones of vastu.

As per vastu consultant in Kolkata the vastu guidelines for water tank vastu matters immensely. Let us see why they recommend placing the overhead water tank in South West zones of vastu. 

If you look around you will find that most homes and offices have overhead water tank only. 

You can easily spot overhead tanks from underground tanks because these are placed on top of roof of the building and use the force of gravity to draw water to the ground level for further usage. 

Vastu consultant in Kolkata finds that many people wrongly place them in the North zone. But why? 

The reason is simple. The North zones of the vastu represent the water element and water tank stores water for obvious reasons. 

They assume placing water on water will create perfect balance. But this is doing the exact opposite and thus creates triggering major defects in process. 

The underground water tank represents water element but the overhead water tank represent earth element, confirms vastu consultant in Kolkata

In the zone of South West represents earth element and thus the overhead water tanks are to be placed in this zone for best result. 

If south west is not available, you can also place the overhead tank in the west zone as well. However, avoid north zone altogether for its placement. It can damage the vastu benefits of water elements.  

Vastu consultant in Kolkata reminds of yet another important point. Some people place their underground water tank wrongly. 

An underground water tank must be submerged entirely inside the ground. But many people place it in such a way that only half body of it us present inside the ground and half on the outside. 

This arrangement makes the tank classify as overhead tank even if it sits on ground. For such a tank the best placement zone is South West as well. a tank at least has to have its 2/3rd portion dug inside the earth for it to qualify as underground water tank. 

Get in touch with the experts of Vaastu Mangaal for complete information on the water tank vastu. We also offers additional tips on enhancing the water tank vastu effectively. 

Description- vastu consultant in Kolkata discusses the best and worst zones for overhead water tank placement in vastu.

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