Tips for Hassle-Free Cambodia Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens need a visa to enter Cambodia, which can be obtained online or on arrival at the airport. Cambodia offers e-visas to Indian citizens, which can be applied for online and are valid for up to three months.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation with a rich cultural heritage and a growing economy. It’s a popular destination for travelers from around the world, including Indian citizens. To enter the country, CAMBODIA VISA FOR INDIAN CITIZENS need to have a valid visa.

Fortunately, Cambodia offers e-visas, which can be easily applied for online and are valid for up to three months. Indian citizens can also obtain visas on arrival at the airport, but it’s recommended to apply for an e-visa before traveling to avoid potential delays and complications. Once in Cambodia, Indian citizens can visit the famous Angkor Wat temple complex, explore the capital city of Phnom Penh, and experience the country’s delicious cuisine.

Cambodia Visa For Indian Citizens

Indian citizens looking to visit Cambodia need a valid visa before traveling. The visa requirements for Indian citizens are as follows:

PassportValid for at least six months from the date of arrival and containing at least one blank page for the visa
Visa Application FormCompleted and signed
Passport-sized Photograph2 photographs required, taken within the last six months
E-Visa FeeUSD $36

The visa application process for Indian citizens is simple:

  1. Fill out the online application form on the Cambodia Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website
  2. Upload the necessary documents, including your photograph and a copy of your passport
  3. Pay the e-visa fee online using a credit or debit card
  4. Submit your application and wait for approval, which typically takes three business days
  5. Download and print your e-visa to present upon arrival in Cambodia

The fee for the Cambodia e-visa for CAMBODIA VISA FOR IRISH CITIZENS is USD $36. Processing time is typically three business days, but it is recommended to apply for the visa at least a week in advance to allow for any delays.


Travelling to Cambodia as an Indian citizen has never been easier. With the introduction of eVisa, the visa process has become hassle-free and efficient. By following the guidelines and preparing the necessary documents, getting a Cambodia visa can be a smooth journey.

With its rich culture, history, and natural beauty, Cambodia is definitely a must-visit destination for Indian travelers. Take the opportunity and plan your next adventure to Cambodia today.