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Toppling Traditional Marketing with Digital marketing

No matter what is the size of a business, marketing is so important in present world. Most of you have heard about the term Traditional and Digital market and somehow aware of there benefits. Digital market is a new Field to promote any brand or Product in online Market through digital devices. With the increase in use of digital market and people got to know about its benefits which have Helped Companies to gain profit in long run many companies have diverse there way of promoting things from Traditional market to digital market. Here we will enlighten our thought’s that what made people shift towards Digital market from traditional market.

Traditional Market

Traditional Market is a costly method as compared to Digital. It require huge cost in order to promote any product or brand with the medium of Newspaper and Banner Ads, which require huge cost for printing at that time. And if we have invested this cost in order to make promotion then there is no Surety that whether it will work or not. We can not make a track record about how many people have seen our Ad and what is the outcome, we cannot calculate any return or profit. The most important thing is that these Ads prevail in market for only limited time, as for how many days we have paid to the company to make Promotion of our product. Also there is a limited period of time for shopkeepers to open their shops in market; they cannot open According to customer Need or Requirement.   In Traditional market we have to deal with third party to do our product Promotion. It is limited for the specific area. Which is obvious that limited area means our Ad will be visible to limited number of people. Conversion Rate will be according to that. 

Basically in short I would say Traditional market is:-

  1. Costly
  2. Limited  Area
  3. Limited Time
  4. No Qualitative Return

Digital Market

Digital Market from The word itself we can understand Promotion of Any Brand through Digital devices in online Market. With the Increase in Technology, Internet service And Digital devices people got more aware about what exactly is Digital Market. Within a short period of Spam it has taken a hold in Digital and online world. It’s most attractive point is that it is a low cost Process which Require only a cost of internet service in order to make our business startup in this field. It works globally means it is Visible through out the world to maximum number of People at one Time. With the increase use of internet and digital devices have made people engage in online service 24/7, which is quiet beneficial for us. Digital market has different methods of Promotion like Social media, Email marketing, SEO, Pay per Clicks, Multimedia Messages and many more. There is no time limit in Digital world. You can easily work anytime and anywhere. By having a Great Exposure in front of millions of Audience we can easily think of our conversion Rate. Maximum number of Audience means high conversion rat

In Short Digital Market is:-

  1. Low cost Process
  2. Great Exposure
  3. No time limit
  4. Various method of Promotion
  5. High Conversion Rate

Digital market is by Far considered as one of the best Strategy to work in digital world and grow your business on big Platform.

About the Author – Gaurav Digital is an SEO strategist with seven years of consulting experience. He has worked with major brands such as, an institute known best for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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