Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with lower cost exchange rates!

 Why carry wallets everywhere when you can have an e-wallet with more amazing features. Digital currency has recently gained so much popularity due to its secure and volatile nature. Digital currency made digital wallets popular which in return made cashless transactions so popular.

Go Cashless! is a new trend that is followed by almost every person.

There are several apps or platforms in the market to transfer currency from one country to another through digital wallets.

Out of them is one that recently has gained popularity due to its amazing global transfer features. A few of them are:


  • No transaction Cost:

If you transfer from USD to USD there will be no transaction fees, no hidden charges, the same amount sent will be received by the beneficiary. When says “no transaction fees” it genuinely means no fees.


  • Security

Bitglobals take the charge of your data and information security by using modern security multiple algorithms that completely secure your data even from the company.


  • Transfer & Earn Cashback

These days cashback is so much in trend but to redeem those cashback companies implies conditions though gives you cashback up to 25% directly into your wallet which can be used instantly as cash, “no hidden conditions”.

  • Instant transfer (quick process)

Transfer money within minutes it’s as easy as buying movie tickets, transfer money with just a few clicks, no hindrance in between. The same amount will be received instantly.

  • Instant withdrawal

The funds received can be withdrawn in a moment of minutes instantly without any deduction and fees, never hides any payment fees from the users.

  • Send directly from your card

You can send money directly from your card to another card or wallet instantly.

  • Real-time tracking

Track your payment same time that you are sending it.

  • Privacy

Every information shared is secure with, your privacy is our concern.

  • User-friendl

The wallet is designed in such a way that it is so user-friendly and can be accessed by any new user.

  • No limit Wallet

There is no maximum or minimum limit on sending money.

Choose your global fund transfer platform wisely. Shop and pay in local currency, there are no exchange charges while transferring and making payment to the merchant.


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