Viewing Version History in SharePoint Document Sets

SharePoint offers a helpful feature called Document Sets to better organize related documents. Unlike regular folders, Document Sets allow consistent metadata across many documents, making it easier to manage and track them. This is especially useful for complex projects or document-heavy tasks, improving access and collaboration.

However, a limitation arises when using Document Sets in SharePoint: it’s not easy to access the Version History of the Document Set. This can be inconvenient when you need to check the history or identify who modified the metadata of a document set.

There are solutions to address this issue. One option is to use PowerShell for tracking changes. Alternatively, ShareMaster offers a more user-friendly approach through its ‘Explore Master’ feature, available even in the free version.

To view the Version History of Document Sets using ShareMaster, open ‘Explore Master,’ connect to your SharePoint site, and go to the library you’re interested in. In ‘Explore Master,’ Document Sets appear similar to folders, making it simple to find the one you want to investigate. Once you locate the Document Set, click on it, and on the right side, select ‘Version History.’ This will display a list of all document set versions, with the option to expand each version for more details.

These tools make it easier to manage and track changes in Document Sets within SharePoint, streamlining the document management process.