What are the Noteworthy Highlights of Smart Speakers

Artificial intelligence and smart homes have entered thousands of households. Family essential washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, and curtains have begun to support artificial intelligence. The penetration rate is high.


An excellent smart device housekeeper is crucial. I’d like to give you a detailed introduction to a newly released HONOR YOYO smart speaker. As a strategic product in the field of HONOR layout smart home, how does it perform in real life?


In terms of overall appearance, YOYO intelligent speaker adopts an oblate design. The milky white shell looks like a pebble from above. It feels good when held in hand.

Smart Speakers

The front is surrounded by 6 pickup microphones. It can achieve a 360-degree radio effect without dead corners.


Another circle inside is a circular breathing light. It is obvious when lit. When waking up, the light effect is blue. The call is green. Entering the distribution network state is orange flashing light effect. The mute mode is red. It always lights up. The look and feel are good. Especially in the dark, it adds a pleasant vitality to the soundbox.


There are 4 solid keys on the inner side of the annular breathing light. They are mute key, call key, and volume addition and subtraction key. Press the Mute key to turn on the Mute mode. Press it for a long time to enter the matching network mode.


Press the call key for a long time to turn Bluetooth on or off. The overall front is designed without a logo. The appearance is simple. The white color matching is low-key. In the bedroom, the living room can make a good decoration. It won’t appear abrupt.


The bottom adopts a gray tone. It looks very stable. In the middle is product information. There is a circle of anti-skid foot pads outside. It has a strong damping feeling. Four openings are arranged on the outer side. With the speaker, it can the playback effect. This design is novel.


YOYO Smart Speaker adopts a mainstream Micro-B USB charging interface. It can be driven using a common 5V/2A power supply. It supports the use of connected charging treasure. YOYO supports the hot networking of a single mobile phone. This has increased the use of products, whether in cafes, cars or even on high-speed trains. Make your trip interesting.


YOYO smart speakers are more rounded and full of design sense than other smart speakers on the market. The weight of 165g is also very light.

Smart Speakers

The smart speaker makes corresponding operations. This is through the instructions it hears. The first step must be to hear what the user is saying. HONOR attaches great importance to pickups.


HONOR YOYO Smart Speaker adopts a pickup scheme of 6 microphone ring arrays. The hole depth of each microphone is 4mm. It has a larger pickup area. It supports a multi-angle pickup effect. It can wake up YOYO from a long distance.


Simulate the speech recognition effect of just entering the house under quiet conditions. The external noise is 10 decibels. As long as the voice is loud enough, distance is not a problem. Speak in the voice of normal conversation. You can awaken the soundbox when it is 7m away from the soundbox. When the distance is reduced to 5m, the soundbox can hear the instructions. Then rotate the direction of the soundbox to do the test. It can hear the instructions clearly.


From the test results, the pickup radius of the HONOR YOYO smart speaker is 5-7m. The pickup effect in the test walking scene is excellent. The soundbox can achieve a three-dimensional pickup effect of 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.


The prices of smart speakers vary. If you think the price of this YOYO is a bit high, you can consider other models. The price of HONOR Mini Speakers only 24.99. Consumers who like it can buy it according to the actual situation.

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