What is WordPress and why it is used?

If you are thinking about developing a website, you may be wondering, what is WordPress and why it is used? If you’re not sure what CMS to choose, read on to discover the many advantages of WordPress. It’s free, open source, and mobile-friendly. And while it’s a powerful tool, it’s also easy to learn and use. Despite the benefits of using WordPress, however, you must know that you should not start without familiarizing yourself with it.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS)

Whether you need to build a WordPress websites or manage a blog, you’ll want to use a content management system (CMS). There are several different CMS platforms, and WordPress is the most popular one. It allows you to build a website for beginners and advanced users alike, from hobbyists to web developers. In fact, WordPress powers 38% of the world’s websites. With so many features, you’ll be sure to find the right CMS for your needs.

WordPress was created as a blogging platform in 2001, but has grown rapidly as an enterprise content management system. WordPress is adapting to the needs of large enterprises, and the development roadmap is changing to keep pace. It now features an REST API, which allows developers to decouple the front-end of WordPress from the core software. This capability has been crucial in the development of enterprise websites.

It’s free to use

You might have heard about WordPress before, but did you know that it’s free to use? WordPress is a popular website platform and powers over one-third of the web. This popularity has made WordPress an attractive target for developers, who have created numerous plugins that allow you to further customize your website. It’s free to use and even beginners can get started on a simple website in no time, thanks to its easy-to-use editor.

Although WordPress is free to use, some optional add-ons may cost between $5 and $60 per month. The amount of money you’ll spend on add-ons depends on which types of applications you need. Fortunately, most of the essential features of WordPress are available free of charge. You can even find WordPress themes for free, and even create your own using a template. WordPress is an open-source platform, so it’s completely free to use.

It’s open source

WordPress is an open source project, meaning that everyone can participate in making improvements to it. The software is developed by a team of contributors, which is known as the “patch team”. This group is responsible for translating WordPress into various languages, and they also need help from native speakers. A contributor’s contributions to an open source project take the form of pull requests, which is an exchange of code from one developer to another.

WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create a website, powering 43.3% of all websites on the internet. That’s one out of every four websites. This open source content management system is free to use and install. Content management systems, or CMSs, make it easy to manage website content. You can create a personal blog, a portfolio, a business website, and even a mobile application.

It’s mobile-friendly

You may be wondering how to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly. It’s important to make your website mobile-friendly for Google’s search engine, and there are a few strategies and tools you can use to do so. Google will consider your site to be mobile-friendly if it’s easy for users on a mobile device to navigate your site, read the text without zooming, and tap buttons. Google will even accept hidden content, such as the content behind accordions and tabs. Avoid pop-ups, which can have an impact on your SEO rankings.

One way to make your website mobile-friendly is to use a plugin. WordPress is equipped with a number of mobile-friendly themes, so finding a theme with good responsiveness is a breeze. If your website is designed to be responsive to different screen sizes, which will make your site mobile-friendly in a matter of minutes. Doesn’t alter your ranking and lets you customize your site look, making it mobile-friendly.

It’s easy to learn

If you’re unsure whether you can create a website with WordPress, fear not. The platform has a user-friendly interface that’s similar to that of a word processor. While the first few months of using WordPress may be confusing, it’s actually quite simple to get used to. WordPress is constantly growing and developing, meaning that you can create whatever kind of site you want. There are also many great plugins and themes available, which will allow you to further customize and extend your site.


The beauty of WordPress is that you don’t need to know any coding languages to use it. Unlike HTML, WordPress is designed so that you don’t need any previous knowledge of web development or design. In fact, it can even be used to build a website by designers or developers who have experience using these tools. Until recently, this was only possible for designers and developers who already knew how to code in HTML.

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