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What services can you get from Pinaki Pal, the Best vastu consultant in India!

When people look for Best vastu consultant in India, often they don’t understand what exact services they can get from them. 

Since themselves they posses very little information about vastu shastra, this confusion leads them to lookout for random vastuvid that claims to be Best vastu consultant in India. 

In case you or your loved ones are struggling with similar conflict, this article is only for you. We will discuss what services you can expect from a good vastu consultant in India.  

Today, we are listing the services that you can choose from if you reach out to vastuvid Pinaki Pal, the founder of Vaastu Mangaal and one of the Best vastu consultants in India.

  1. Vastu evaluation of all types-

Let it be residential building or commercial one like shop, showroom or office, an expert vastuvid will offer their extensive knowledge and guidance for properties of all kind. You need not search different vastubid for different needs.  

  1. Vastu site selection package- 

Before you finalize any property deal, it is best to get its vastu evaluated to make sure that it has no major defect, which cannot be resolved effectively or entirely. Once the Best vastu consultant in India gives the green signal you can buy that property. If not, you are advised to invest elsewhere. 

  1. Vastu evaluation for new properties-

Let it be home, office, shop, showroom or factory; if your property is brand new, you can get its complete vastu guidelines from the expert vastuvid of Vaastu Mangaal. It will help you positively to get your intended work done with success. 

  1. Vastu evaluation for old properties-

Not everyone can afford new properties. So, if you are looking ahead for buying a second hand home, shop, showroom or office building, then also you can rely on the expertise of our vastuvids. They can guide you to make this property most auspicious for your need. 

  1. Vastu guidance for both owned and rented properties-

Not all properties are owned by its residents. But still, the vastu of the property affects both its owner and occupants. Best vastu consultant in India offers their guidance to both tenants and owners of the vastu. 

  1. Vastu remedies without demolition-

It is not possible to cause wreckage in order to fix the vastu defects. Thankfully, easy and effective remedies are available for most vastu defects these days which will require little to no demolition of the property.  

  1. Vastu items for vastu correction-

You need a wide range of vastu items in order to resolve several vastu defects in the home or other properties. At Vaastu Mangaal, you can get Elixer, an ultimate vastu item to correct many vastu defects. You can get more such useful vastu items from expert vastuvid.  

  1. Comprehensive report-

Vaastu Mangaal offers a comprehensive vastu report upon evaluating any property. This report includes all the details of the vastu that are relevant. It especially offers a color vastu therapy guidance that helps you make the interiors of your home vastu compliant. 

  1. Free lifetime support-

Once you get your vastu done from Vaastu Mangaal, we welcome you to seek supplementary assistance for it, in case you need it in the future. This additional service can include any kind of enquiry and help regarding the vastu, that too for no additional charge whatsoever. 

  1. Online vastu evaluation-

The clientele of Vaastu Mangaal is spread all over India, and even in abroad. Not all individuals can afford the in-person vastu assistance due to long distance. So, people who reside in farther locations can seek the expert vastu guidance through the help of online vastu evaluation package, which is extremely accurate and effective. 

  1. A range of packages-

Depending upon one’s needs and budget, Vaastu Mangaal arranges numerous packages. According to the budget and need you have, you can select the vastu package you feel most useful for you. We offer quality service for all of them. 

  1. Astro vastu and numerology services-

An expert vastuvid offers not only basic vast services, but also extend their support to additional services like numerology report and astro vastu results for its clients.  

As you can see you can get all the vastu services under the same roof, once you get with our experts. 

You can get these vastu services from Best vastu consultant in India by contacting Vaastu Mangaal. We offer vastu guidance from expert vastuvid Pinaki Pal, who recently was awarded with prestigious IFA. 

Getting the International Fame Awards (IFA) 2021 award for Best vastu consultant in India itself tells the potential of the vastuvid. This award was personally presented by none other than actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood. 

Many people have improvised their life for better. Now its your turn to do so. For booking an appointment with us, visit our official website.  

Description- When you reach out to Best vastu consultant in India you get access to a wide range of vastu related services. 

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