Evening Safari

What Time is Evening Safari?

The day begins to fall, and the animals come to life. The bush begins to shake itself of scorched languor. The temperature is still warm at this time, but you’ll need a jacket to protect you from the chill that will set in by evening. When the sun goes down, you’ll be glad you packed a jacket.

Desert safaris

The best time to experience the Desert Safari Dubai is during the evening. You will be rewarded with breathtaking sunset views, a belly dance performance, and traditional cuisine from the desert. This event is a great way to learn about the culture of the Arabian Peninsula and practice your photography skills. You will return to your hotel at the end of the night.

An evening desert safari is ideal for people who want to spend the afternoon or evening in the desert. The sunset will leave the dunes with a golden hue, making it the perfect time to take stunning photographs of the desert landscape. It is also recommended to bring a thin jacket as it can be cold.

The best time for an evening desert safari is a few hours before sunset. The temperature can be a little too hot in the desert in the middle of the day, and an evening safari will allow you to enjoy the desert without the heat.

Walking safaris

A walking safari is a great way to see a national park without being crowded. The park has few vehicles and offers a more intimate atmosphere, so you can get up close to wildlife without disturbing it.

The walking safaris are also ideal for watching nocturnal animals. You will have a chance to see lions, elephants, leopards, wild dogs, buffalo, and other animals that are nocturnal. After a while, the endless grassy landscape is mesmerizing. Guides will lead you by following animal droppings. Keep an eye out for males’ droppings; they differ from females’.

Another advantage of a walking Desert Safari Dubai Deals is that you can hear the wildlife much better. While you’re on foot, you can hear the sounds of the animals as they communicate with one another. These sounds can be muffled by vehicles, but your guide can easily read these signals to keep you safe.

Night drives

Night drives on safari can be a very exciting experience. Night game drives are often carried out in national parks and start at 8:00 pm. Depending on the park, the drive can last up to two or three hours. The drive can be very exciting and it is wise to bring insect repellent, anti-malaria medicine, and cold clothing.

The wildlife is more active Evening Desert Safari Dubai the night than during the day, so a night drive is a great time to see some of the animals. Common animals you can see during night drives include civet, porcupine, genet, serval, and African wild cat.

Night drives on safari are especially exciting as they allow you to observe wildlife in a way that is difficult during the day. You may also see nocturnal animals, such as bats, which you would not see otherwise. There’s also a good chance that you’ll be able to capture photos of animals that don’t appear during the day.

Afternoon safaris

Most safaris begin in the morning and end in the afternoon, which is the best time for wildlife viewing. Animals are more active in the morning, and they move to water holes before the heat of the day begins. They also find cover under trees and bush. Afternoon safaris are shorter than morning safaris, and they usually last for six hours or less, including gate time, lunch and a stop for high tea.

You can also choose to do a private concession walk, which lasts one and a half hours. This walk is a great way to experience nature and learn about smaller animals that are often overlooked in pursuit of the Big Five. You’ll be able to see zebras, buffalo, eland, lions, and giraffes.


Morning game drives start around 5am, depending on when you travel, and they provide the best chances for viewing wildlife. During your morning game drive, you’ll enjoy a light breakfast, which may include coffee or tea. You’ll also have a chance to watch a variety of animals and birds.

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