TV Aerial Installations

What to consider For TV Aerial Installations

Digital TV has modified the manner antenna hardware collects a symptom and delivers it to a TV point. Low-cost ‘contract’ aerials and ‘low loss cables’ aren’t any longer sufficient. You can check this service for more caution.

Historically, cable utilized in single domestic homes was ironically known as “low loss” – a name because the only screening could be a skinny braid. Therefore the loss is higher compared to it that is put in today. This kind of cable, though still available, ought to ne’er be used; not solely will it lose signal, however, a lot of problems is that it permits the ingress of alternative signals – interference that kills the digital signal.

Good quality double screened cables will have each a copper braid and copper tape for the screen. This allows the desired signal to be contained and keeps unwanted signals and interference at bay. Tinfoil and copper or preserved braids are available, but they will result in an unreliable reception and may cause problems. This is severally tested to confirm that the tape thickness, range, and gauge of the braid strands are what they’re claimed to be.

Another space of issue may be the outlet plate. Clean copper wire on an exposed plate on the rear of a socket acts as an aerial studying interference and diverging signal. For this reason, outlet plates should be totally screened.

Use a cable remoting tool to ensure the dimensions, ensuring not to bend/kink the cable or over-tighten the connection. This may cause a couple and signal reflection to copy the coax, leading to reception problems.



If you want to avoid an accident, you can check this for safety. A venturesome voltage must not be a gift on the outer conductor of any cable or accessible metalwork of any instrumentality of the aerial system. All communal systems among blocks of flats and commercial premises must be equipotential secured to the Mains Earth Terminal (MET) of the building.

A verified, continuous, and sturdy association must be provided from the buildings’ MET distribution equipment. Laws state that a minimum CSA (cross-sectional area) of this connection ought to be 4mm² copper.

Class II equipment (TVs, DVDs, set high boxes, audio equipment, etc.) is meant so a slightly current of 0.5mA may be a gift on exposed metalwork. One item of such equipment wouldn’t be a problem. However, seven things or a lot of along would turn out 3.5mA – dangerous at the safe forgoing current limit. Equipment joined via aerials and leads through to totally different rooms might place slightly current on the homocentric cable. On new builds and once rewiring, it’s thus helpful to depart a verified cable next to the distribution purpose to require care of this potential hazard.


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AWS Tel Sec specializes in putting in and maintaining tv and security networks in housing blocks and hotels. The CAI licenses our TV department, and our security installers work to NSI standards. Areas of experience include TV, CCTV, intercommunication system, and access control.

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