What to Do If QuickBooks Gives You Error 9999

Many Quickbooks users receive Quickbooks Online Error 9999 while connecting to their bank accounts and updating their bank data. This is the reason why this error is also known as a banking issue. Although it is a top-quality application, QuickBooks has some technical issues, such as QuickBooks error code 9999, which will display an error message after occurring. It is not possible to complete bank-related tasks when you are afflicted with this error. We understand that receiving QuickBooks Online Error 9999 while performing bank transactions is annoying since it can disrupt crucial work tasks and can hinder efficiency. So, in the article below we’ll give you a step-by-step method to have this error resolved.

Major Reasons Behind QB Error 9999

The most important and possible reasons for QuickBooks error 9999 include:

  • It could be due to the slow speed of the internet.
  • Because of some issues in resolving the issue.
  • Due to a corrupted or defective version of QB.
  • A mismatch or a change in data may cause this problem.
  • The computer is not able to recognize the commands of input devices, such as keyboards and mice.
  • This could occur if you visit the application simultaneously.
  • The user is not able to connect QBO to the bank.
  • The connection between the bank’s server and its server can take a lot of time to establish.
  • Installation of QB is not complete.
  • Because of the corrupted Windows registry, the system is damaged.  
  • Because of an incorrect process of deleting files, you see QuickBooks error 9999 repeatedly.   
  • The Firewall can prevent the server or bank from connecting.  
  • A few of the cache files or cookies that are stored in the browser may create this error.

Fixing Quickbooks Error Code 9999: Advanced Steps

Solution 1: Remove the Bank Account from QuickBooks Online

  • Tap on “Banking” after opening Quickbooks.  
  • Select “Edit” on the specific account you need to disconnect.
  • Mark Disconnect Account”.  
  • Tap on “Save and Close”.

The steps for Reconnecting the Bank account

  • Open Quickbooks.
  • Tap on “Banking”.
  • Thereafter tap on “Add Account”.  
  • Provide all banking login details and tap “Continue”.  
  • Now follow all verification steps.  
  • Tap “Securely Connect”, then tap on the specific Bank icon to add the bank.  
  • Choose your account now.
  • Pick the account you want to use. For example a debit or credit.  
  • Tap on + if you don’t own an existing account or tap  “Connect”.  

Solution 2: Fixing Windows Registry Files

It’s obvious that Windows Registry plays a vital function in the operation of certain processes. If you notice the Windows registry files damaged or corrupt, it’s your utmost responsibility to repair them as immediately as you can. To fix to repair Windows Registry files, you can run commands. The steps are:

  • Tap on “Start”.
  • Hit “Command Prompt”.
  • Now press “Ctrl + Shift” and keep pressing until you press “Enter”.
  • Tap on “Yes” if asked.
  • Click “Regedit” once you see the “Command Prompt” display.  
  • Press”Enter”.
  • Then, in “Registry Editor, tap on Error 9999 related key (that you’d like to backup).  
  • Select”File”.
  • Click”Export.”
  • Choose the location where you would like to save your backup key.
  • In “Export Range”, choose the specific “Selected branch”.  
  • Tap on “Save”.  
  • Be sure to save the file using an extension of “.Reg” 

Solution 3: Saving The Backup Key

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Now hold “Ctrl+shift” together.
  • Tap “Yes” when you see an authorization dialog box coming on the screen.  
  • Then you will see a black square box with a cursor that blinks.  
  • There, type Regedit hit “Enter”.  
  • Choose the QuickBooks error 9999 Key you wish to back up.  
  • Click on “File” thereafter select “Export”.  
  • Enter your file’s name, then click Save.
  • You are required to backup the files using an extension of the .reg extension. If you don’t backup it like this then you will encounter com error Quickbooks 2017 in your system.

More Words

We hope you successfully resolved QuickBooks error 9999 by reading our article. This article is packed with every aspect of this error to remove it from the root.

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