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When to Call a Sunshine Coast Plumber 

Nobody wants to be the victim of a plumbing disaster, and on the Sunshine Coast, they can happen at any time. A plumbing problem is almost certain to occur in one form or another, from blocked toilets and clogged drainpipes to leaky taps and broken hot water systems.

Some plumbing problems aren’t as evident, or may have been going on for so long, you no longer remember what it was like when it was working properly. Regardless, a small plumbing issue can quickly grow into something disastrous, putting your home and personal belongings potentially in harm’s way. 

Here are some common signs it’s time to call a professional plumber on the Sunshine Coast

Your Hot Water System Isn’t Working 

One of the Sunshine Coast’s biggest enemies is hot water system related problems, particularly when it comes to gas related issues. Sunshine Coast homes having old (and even some newer) hot water systems may start experiencing problems with their gas connections. And if they aren’t attended to quickly, these types of Sunshine Coast plumbing problems can quickly become dangerous.

If your hot water system isn’t doing its job properly or you notice a decrease in pressure and flow rate (and consequently, the amount of your home’s hot water), give Synergy Trades Group a call immediately. Their experienced and friendly plumbers will be over quickly to assist! 

Your Drains are Blocked 

Many Sunshine Coast properties have older, or narrow drainage pipes which are easily blocked. And if you’re not careful, any number of things can become lodged in them – toys, food scraps, hair… even toilet paper! Sunshine Coast plumbers like those at Synergy Trades Group can quickly clear all kinds of blockages to your drains and waste system.

Your Taps Aren’t Functioning Properly 

If it seems like your taps aren’t doing their job properly anymore, the problem may be with the internal mechanism (or parts). Sunshine Coast plumbers will know exactly what to do to get them working like new again ASAP. 

You’ve Noticed an Increase in Water Consumption

Water consumption is another Sunshine Coast plumbing problem that can be difficult to detect; it all seems like such a slow process. But if you’ve noticed your water bill increasing, something might be wrong. This could be caused by several plumber’s nightmares:

  • Broken pipes 
  • Leaky taps and fixtures 
  • Faulty hot water system; or 
  • Overflowing external drains and gutters

If you suspect any of these problems (or others) may be causing an increase in your water bill, give your trusted Sunshine Coast plumber a call as soon as possible! Professional Sunshine Cost plumbers will come out ASAP to inspect the entire property and create a solution to fix the problem(s).

Call Synergy Trades Group’s Sunshine Coast Plumbers 

Got a plumbing issue at hand? Tired of leaking taps, clogged pipes, or luke-warm showers? Contact Synergy Trades Group – their professional team of Sunshine Coast plumbers can assist you with any plumbing disaster and provide experienced installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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