Buy Bitcoins with Cash as a Beginner

Where and How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash as a Beginner

Buy Bitcoins with Cash as a Beginner

Are you new to cryptocurrency and wondering how to buy Bitcoins with cash? Well, this is a common way to buy BTC and any other crypto for many including experienced investors. You need to identify a reliable platform to buy from, and the rest of the process will be smooth. As a rookie in the sector, taking time, researching, and consulting will help you make informed decisions.

We are here to help you with information on how to buy Bitcoin by cash. But you can use the same insights to buy any other crypto such as Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, USDT, and USDC among others.


How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash in Exchanges

If you are wondering where and how to buy Bitcoins with cash as a newbie, exchange brokers are the easiest to use. They are fast and convenient in that you just sign up on their website to create an account and then link your bank card to buy. Better still, use exchange brokers that do not ask you to create an account with them. Here are a few examples of exchanges you can use.

1. Coinbase – Do you want to know where to buy Bitcoin in the USA with cash? Coinbase is a popular exchange in the region and accepts cash from your bank card among other payment methods. Next, you will get your BTC in your account. From here, you can transfer it to your digital wallet.

2. NakitCoins – It is easy to buy Bitcoins with cash on NakitCoins through their physical outlets if you are in Turkey. However, you can still use their online platform from any part of the world and pay with cash through a debit or credit card. Now that you know how to buy Bitcoins with cash on NakitCoins, try the platform.

3. Binance – This is a large platform with its own digital coin. But Bitcoin still remains the highest-volume crypto to be traded here. Binance is clear on how to use cash to buy Bitcoin; you need to link your bank card or bank account.


How to Buy Bitcoins with Cash on P2P Platforms

Every new crypto investor should know how to buy Bitcoins with cash on a P2P platform because it is highly affordable. Once you register on a reliable platform, you will see all open trading options and the methods of payment the sellers will accept.

So, choose one of the cash options and proceed to make arrangements for the buying process. The good thing about P2P platforms is that you can even meet the seller and give them cash.


Buy on a Bitcoin ATM

Are you interested to buy Bitcoin with cash near me? You can locate a BTC ATM near you and proceed to buy your coins with ease. Most of these ATMs guide you in completing the process for how to buy Bitcoins with cash on the screen, and it is easy to follow. If you do not want to give your credit or debit card details, some accept cash.


Final Word

It is true that most newbies in crypto are wondering, where can I buy Bitcoins with cash? But after reading this article, you now have insights to help you make smart decisions. Doing the right thing all from the start makes crypto trading less challenging and more interesting and rewarding.

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