Books and literature in general are wonderful ways of expressing emotions, narrating stories and sharing information. Books are seen as the drivers of social change capable of delivering strong messages to society. They are indeed the voice of the people and sometimes even go on to extend critical views over various subjects. Given the kind of importance that books hold, it is important that they reach the desired audience easily. They must be assured of a wide reach so that they serve their desired purpose and benefit the author too. However, it is not easy for an author to look into all these marketing aspects. This is where book publishing companies hold significance. Locally, a number of LA book publishing companies like MindStir Media are extremely popular because of their customer driven services.

A Boost to Independent and Self-Published Authors

Independent, young and relatively new authors often find it difficult to survive in the extremely competitive market. Traditional publishing companies charge a high amount of fees that these young writers cannot afford. As a result, they often end up being lost in the crowd. However, at MindStir Media, creativity is valued and encouraged. It is a platform for the upcoming authors to make their content reach a diverse audience. This company is the ultimate platform for youth writers to start their careers and establish themselves. The company offers a multitude of features combined with expert assistance to motivate and polish these authors. They have the perfect blend of modernity and traditional practices and values in their approach towards publishing books. In fact, authors who have promising content and are hard-working are even offered contracts by the company. Thus, it acts as a great deal of motivation for such authors.

Celebrity and Expert tie-Ups

The organization is the brainchild of the recipient of multiple literary awards, Mr. J.J. Hebert. His exemplary vision and commitment to promoting literature has been the reason behind the success of this company. Tying up with the company provides the authors with an opportunity to interact with Mr. Hebert himself. They can seek his opinion and feedback about their work and how to make it big in the field of literature. Apart from J.J. Hebert, the company also has proud associations with Kevin Harrinton from Shark Tank and Mariel Hemmingway. Both these celebrity faces add a lot of value to this company. Also, these partnerships go a long way in increasing the popularity of the associated authors’ work. Authors can even opt for premium services at affordable costs. MindStir Media also provides authors with the opportunity to gain personalised endorsements and forewords to their piece of work.

Range of Services

MindStir Media offers its authors some of the best services in the industry which make it the best. Right from getting normal and expert reviews to getting endorsements, MindStir Media covers everything for you. They have experts from all fields- PR, publishing, mentoring, designing, etc.

Thus, hiring a book publishing company is worth the money and you must go for it!




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