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Why Progressive Web Apps are the Future of Application Development?

Progressive Web Applications, otherwise popularly known as PWA, is a trending term that is used to characterize cross-breed of a number of popular web apps.

Progressive Web Apps, currently is considered as being the new buzzword, in the world of web development. As time passed, responsive web design began to come into existence. There is no chance that these are going to fade from existence, as long as native apps are still in use.

The process of web application development has transformed over the years, as new and new progressive web apps kept on being introduced into the market. The main reason for the inherent popularity of the PWAs si the fact that they have the ability to address certain problems that are persisting in web designs and native apps.

This blog deals with the points which will show why progressive web apps are the future of web app development, however, before talking about those points, it is important that your concept about progressive web apps is as clear as it can be.


What is a Progressive Web App?

A Progressive Web App basically refers to the process of making use of modern web techniques and delivering the users with an app experience that feels like a native one.

You need to spend money to hire dedicated web app developers, to actually understand the value of PWAs. A particular app that has been built upon PWAs will have the characteristics of both traditional web pages as well as mobile applications. There most important features of an application like this are the fact that they are highly responsive, secure, and scalable.

The first person to bring Progressive Web Apps into the industry is popularly known as Alex Russel, an engineer at Google.

Some other features which the Progressive Web Apps are characterized by are:

  • Push Notifications
  • Geo Location
  • Home Screen Icon
  • Splash Screen
  • Offline Mode
  • Assessing Media Features


You will basically be able to do all of the above things, without developing a separate mobile app, if you make use of Progressive Web Apps.

Now lets finally come at the section, where you will be informed about the reason why PWAs are the future of application development. Whether you are planning to pay for Digital Marketing Services or spend money on software development services, in both cases you will benefit from using Progressive Web Apps.


Reasons Why PWAs are the future of App Development

  • Users have seamless access

A PWA does not require any kind of download or installation, unlike any other traditional app. The best example of it is when you are planning to buy a particular product from an eCommerce website, you will first have to open the browser, followed by opening the particular website. Then you will have to go through the products and choose the one you want to buy, and lastly purchasing it by entering your payment details. This simple action requires you to go through so many steps.

In the case of PWAs, however, you just need to go to Google and you can immediately access it without going through any kind of downloading or waiting.

  • Users have access to all content offline

This might sound impossible in the case of any typical web application, as the word ‘web’ itself is a part of the term. In the case of PWA, however, offline access to content is a feature of it. The workers, who are working on the core of a PWA, keep working on the background, even if there is no access to the internet.

  • PWAs are comparatively more secure

As a user of Google, you must already know that how much and often it encourages you to visit websites with an https, instead of the ones having HTTP. Staying secure from cyber threats has always been a priority from all kinds of developers. Today, PWAs make use only of the websites, which are programmed in HTTPs. PWAs are secure enough to store your credit card details as well.



It is definitely apparent from the above blog, that PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are the future of web development. Even if you are thinking of investing money on custom software development, even then PWAs are the ideal choice, because they are way more superior to traditional apps, in all aspects.

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