Why You Should Consider Gas Fireplace Inserts

Converting a wood burning fireplace to a sealed gas is done with gas fireplace inserts. These units consist of a gas log set that is installed in a steel or cast iron heat exchanger. In most cases, they are sealed on the front with glass. You can also find them with fans to disperse the heat around the room ống thép đen hòa phát .

Gas fireplace inserts also come with a remote control, wall-mounted thermostat or a wall switch for easy control of the gas. Inserts are more effective than vented gas logs. The fact that the inserts use a sealed glass front makes these units safer as well. A good insert will provide BTU output that ranges from ten thousand btu’s to forty thousand btu’s.

Traditional add elegance to the appearance of your home and enhance its aesthetic value. However, these fireplaces are often the sources of pollution and release harmful chemicals. Switching to much greener options are on the rise. A fireplace insert is an excellent way of giving your prevailing wood-burning fireplace a new lease of life. The installation of inserts is done within the existing wood burning fireplace. This increases the heating capabilities and energy efficiency of the fireplace exponentially, thereby also reducing high energy bills during the winter. The fireplace inserts are manufactured using stainless steel or iron often with many added features such as thermostat control, self-cleaning options, and more.

Modern gas fireplace inserts are usually direct vent systems. This means they use a two-pipe system, which by design will bring combustion air into the insert. The second pipe will vent the exhaust. Another important point to note about this type of unit is that you must line the chimney with two flexible steel or aluminum pipes. This will allow for intake and exhaust to be properly balanced and safe as well ống thép mạ việt đức.

If the gas insert uses a one-pipe system then it is a B-vent system. Since there is only one pipe, this system is not as efficient as a two-vent system. A gas insert is not an inexpensive project. The insert itself will cost between twelve hundred and three thousand dollars. The installation costs could add another thousand dollars.

The main reason for installing gas fireplace inserts is the energy savings homeowners should encounter. These types of fireplaces are much more efficient than a wood-burning for heating a room. For better results, install a fireplace blower to help disperse the heat around your room.

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