Working With and Through People in Organization

Managing and leading the workforce with effective leadership skills is necessary for any organization. However, there may arise many differences and disputes when the employees working in the organization belong to different age groups. 

The age diversity inside the organization has its pros and cons. The age gap has become an important issue over the years. Relationships between employees can become complex when the generational gap between managers and employees starts to have an impact, which depicts the complications in the workplace introduced by the multigenerational workforce and how it affects the workplace in both positive and negative ways. 

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Leading the Younger Employees 

One of the benefits of the generation gap between the managers and employees is a mentorship between older, more experienced managers and employees with less experience. It is a perfect way to convey wisdom and knowledge from one generation to another. This not only gives benefit to employees, but the managers can also take advantage of it. 

Having this position, a person can have satisfaction by creating his or her legacy. By becoming mentors to the less experienced employees, the experienced managers can increase the growth of the company, thereby securing the future of the company. 

Another benefit is that it brings skills diversity to the workplace. The younger employees are relatively more expert in the latest technology-based techniques. They know the new business sources namely, social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter which are now signed in businesses. I suggest you give a read to Scott Paterson of Toronto.

Enhancing Work Performance

On the other hand, older managers are experts in email-based communication. So, this skills diversity helps enhance the work performance. As explained earlier there are problems too due to the generation gap. There is also a negative prospect of the generational gap between managers and employees. 

Every generation working in the workplace prefers its style of communication. The younger employees like better electronic ways like text messages, whereas the older managers prefer phone calls and emails. 

Henceforth, if managed properly, the diverse personnel could be of great help to each other and making it easy to achieve common organizational objectives. 

Managing a Diverse Personnel 

With the aim of excellently managing such diverse personnel, managers must recognize the principles, attitudes, and other organizational features that may cause an impact on the employee’s satisfaction in the workplace.

Moreover, stereotypes also come into play as older managers perceive younger employees as dull and inactive. In return, they are perceived as stubborn by the younger workers.  

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Final Thoughts 

People coming from different areas when coming together under one roof could do wonders if managed properly. business leaders or managers of an organization has to play an intense and fruitful role.

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