You can Benefit from These Security Camera Features Extensively!

It is tormenting to become the victim of teenagers’ horseplay, throwing toilet papers in your yard and staining your concert with egg yolk. It is even worse when you are robbed of the art piece you paid a hefty amount to adorn the walls of your office. And it is distressing if you are unable to find the culprit, hold them accountable and retrieve your lost items.

To hold the malefactor accountable for violating your property and protect your sense of security, multiple experts reside in Dubai who guarantee to facilitate you in setting up a cost-effective security system. A reliable expert works with a quality LED screen supplier in Dubai and sets up a handsome security camera infrastructure. It secures the premises of either your office or home. Also, you can identify the wrongdoers from the camera footage and hold them accountable for their gnarly behaviors.

Installing modern safety cameras is one of the best strategies to safeguard your home and office. They are great in collecting evidence for the crime that occurred. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the quality, versatility and convenience while installing a security camera system. Following are the key features of the best security camera that are effective in serving the purpose:

1.  Watch High-Definition (HD) Video Capture

Long gone are the days when everyone watched grainy and scrappy videos. The choppy safety footage made you pinch between the eyes because it was a headache to identify the offender. However, the recently advanced security cameras offer you to view the crime in HD quality. It comes at least 720 pixels which you can upgrade to 1080 pixels. With HD quality, you can witness what is happening in the area. It facilitates you to identify the offender without squeezing your eyes to improve your vision.

2.  Enjoy the Convenience of Two-Way Audio

Speakers with cameras seem insignificant, but it enables two-way communication between the person monitoring camera footage on an LED screen and the person in front of the camera. An example of it is the doorbell camera.

With this, you can communicate with the person knocking on your door when you cannot present. You can also notify the intruders that you caught them red-handed, dishevel them with anxiety and contact law enforcement in the meanwhile.

3.  Record a Clear Video in the Dark

It has become easier to keep your premises protected at night. The outdoor security cameras are available with image intensifiers that amplify the light and brighten the footage in the dark. These night-vision cameras provide indiscernible details without drawing attention to themselves.

Furthermore, some low-light surveillance cameras use infrared light. It requires visible light, just heat.  The motion sensors detect the differences in the thermal heat and exhibit those changes in the footage in different shades of grey. It can work in total darkness. However, it lacks to record finer details and color.

4.  Enjoy Motion Activated Security Cameras

The movies have glorified the technology of motion sensors and motion-activated security cameras. They have become a more commonplace of security infrastructure than most people believe. It offers multiple advantages, such as saving the amount of footage being recorded and ample storage space.

Moreover, this camera is equipped with motion sensors. Hence, when a person comes within the camera range of view, it activates and follows the person in the field. It records when there is a movement in the area as well as alerts the alarm system when there is an intruder.

5.  Too Much of Cloud Storage

Why limit yourself to the space on-site by buying a DVR? Now, you can upload the camera footage to the cloud storage space with the wireless security cameras connected to an Internet connection. It provides a massive space as well as facilitates you to access the footage from anywhere that has a brilliant WiFi connection.

Moreover, the intruder cannot destroy the evidence of the crime by stealing the DVR. So, you are in safe hands with wireless security cameras and cloud storage.

Secure The Premises!

Shortlist the most competent security system companies in UAE and benefit from these security camera features. Get a realistic idea of your security camera system and prevent horrific experiences from occurring. It would be best if you acknowledged the need of guarding your property with a quality security system in a modern and expensive Dubai lifestyle. It will enable you to walk out of your premises without the fear of property theft. You no longer need to look over your shoulder while stepping out of your office and ensuring that everything is locked.

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